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Cisco Business Edition 3000

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Value, Simplicity, and Essential Features for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Cisco ® Business Edition 3000 provides you essential collaboration capabilities with sophisticated voice communications, telephony, and mobility features. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses with up to 300 users and 10 local sites, it can help you achieve today's business productivity goals and provide a platform to support future growth. Cisco Business Edition 3000 can help your business:

• Collaborate better with customers, suppliers, and employees

• Improve employee productivity with faster, more accurate communication

• Respond to customers faster, improving customer service and satisfaction

• Increase employee mobility by keeping employees connected from anywhere

Essential Capabilities for Your Business

Cisco Business Edition 3000 comes with standard voice telephony features such as voicemail; ad hoc and meet-me conferencing; Single Number Reach; Music on Hold (MoH); and the ability to park, transfer, and hold calls. Unified communications features include IP desk phone support, desktop or laptop computer integration with an available soft phone application, mobility capabilities, and single-level Automated Attendant to greet your callers and route calls appropriately. With Cisco WebEx Messenger service, employees can use presence and instant messaging (IM) for enhanced employee collaboration.

A Single, Purpose-Built Appliance

Cisco Business Edition 3000 integrates essential voice, conferencing, mobility, and messaging features and voice gateway services on a single, compact appliance that you can put on your desk, mount on a wall, or install in a standard server rack. It contains a server, line-side IP connections that link into your business' data network, and T1/E1 gateway ports to connect to your local service provider (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Cisco Business Edition 3000: Simple and Affordable Yet Sophisticated

Simple to Change Your Old PBX System

Cisco Business Edition 3000 is simple and quick to deploy and manage. A Cisco partner can also easily and quickly transfer the users and extensions from your old and obsolete private-branch-exchange (PBX) system.

Lower Deployment Cost

Cisco Business Edition 3000 can use your existing data network. It can further lower the cost by combining call control, voicemail, and Automated-Attendant in a single box.

Simple, Intuitive Management

A typical setup can be completed by a Cisco partner in a single business day. It is easy to move, add, and change with an intuitive management interface, requiring minimal IT resources.

Enhanced Productivity: A Foundation for the Future

Quite simply, unified communications helps people work together better:

• Voicemail, integrated messaging, and mobility features keep employees connected and productive while out of the office.

• Extension mobility enables employees to move within the office and keep their own phone extensions.

• The Automated-Attendant routes calls directly to the desired party, saving time and reducing customer or partner frustration.

• Employees can make or receive calls on their desk phones, smartphones, or computers.

• With Cisco WebEx Messenger service, employees can collaborate better with colleagues, partners, and customers by using the instant messaging and presence features.

• With Cisco WebEx Meeting service, employees can reduce costs by allowing web conferencing and sharing audio, video, and documents.

Flexibility and Reduced Operations Cost

You can connect multiple Cisco Business Edition 3000 located at your regional or international offices over the Virtual Private Network (VPN) that connects data networks of your offices. This solution provides flexibility and reduces operating costs with free interoffice voice calls (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Connect Your Regional and International Offices

Table 1 lists the features of the Cisco Business Edition 3000.

Table 1. Value and Simplicity for Small and Medium-Sized Business




• The maximum number of users is 300.
• The maximum number of endpoints is 400.
• The total number of sites is 10, including 9 remote sites (in one country, using single Cisco Business Edition 3000).

Simple intuitive management

• Installation software guides a Cisco reseller through the setup process.
• Partners can use a Microsoft Excel-based template to prepopulate the data and reduce the onsite time required.
• The application simplifies moves, adds, and changes of users and extensions.
• Available country packs include localization for dial plans, tones, user interfaces, and administrator interfaces.

Call processing

• Cisco Business Edition 3000 offers standard telephony features, including caller ID, call transfer, call waiting, hold, conference, call park, and pickup.
• It includes additional professional features: ad hoc conferencing (up to 10 participants), meet-me conferencing (up to 24 participants), do not disturb, intercom, multiple-line appearance, night service, extension lock, and hunt groups.
• It supports standard MoH as well as external audio source through a jack provided on the rear of the appliance.

Voice messaging

• Voice-messaging system offers personalized communications options to manage calls and messages in a way that is comfortable and convenient for the individual users.
• Single-level Automated-Attendant assists in routing customers' calls directly to the right department or individual, to serve customers faster.
• Integrated voice-to-email feature allows users to forward voice messages to their email addresses.


• Single Number Reach lets users stay connected by extending calls to a maximum of four phone numbers simultaneously.
• Extension mobility gives employees a phone number and voice mailbox that moves with them, enabling less physical office space for a mobile workforce.

Phones and clients

• Cisco Business Edition 3000 supports affordable Cisco line-side devices, specifically the Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3905 and Cisco Unified IP Phone 6900 Series.
• It supports the Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937G for use in meeting rooms; Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G; Cisco Unified IP Phone 7942G, 7945G, 7962G, 7975G, and 8961 models; and Cisco Unified IP Video Phone 8941 and 8945 models.
• Cisco IP Communicator; Cisco WebEx Connect ® client; and Cisco Jabber ® client for Windows, MAC, iPhone, and Android enables users to turn any computer or smartphone into their office phone.


• Optional Cisco WebEx Messenger service offers advanced collaboration with employees, partners, and customers through IM and presence using Cisco Jabber client.
• Optional Cisco WebEx Meeting Service for Small Business offers collaboration capabilities that include conferencing, application and desktop sharing, and recording. It allows extended collaboration with customers and helps reduce travel costs. 1
1Cisco WebEx Connect and Cisco WebEx Meeting cloud services are not currently available in China or Russia.

Country Availability

Cisco Business Edition 3000 is available in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and Russia. It is on limited availability for Australia, the United States and United Kingdom. Please contact a Cisco representative if you are a partner interested in reselling Cisco Business Edition 3000 in a country with limited availability.

Proven Leadership, Trusted Partners

As a worldwide leader in networking and communications, Cisco is committed to delivering solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. A local reseller, backed by Cisco support and expertise, can help make the right choice simple, giving you a solution that supports your business - today and tomorrow. In addition, Cisco Capital ® offers attractive leasing and purchase financing plans, with costs for a Cisco Business Edition 3000 system starting at a very attractive price point or low monthly lease payment.