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Cisco Unified Attendant Console Compact Edition for Cisco Business Edition 3000 Data Sheet

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Product Overview

Cisco® Unified Attendant Console Compact Edition is an application that brings Cisco Unified Business Edition 3000 Unified Communications to the PC desktop. Designed with ease of use in mind, it brings control of the Cisco Unified IP Phone to the Windows desktop, adding presence and directory features to provide an all-in-one contact solution.

Cisco Unified Attendant Console Compact Edition uses the directory, presence, and telephony feeds from the Cisco Business Edition unified communications platform so that users can answer, transfer, or make telephone calls while seeing the phone and call status of their co-workers on screen. Serving as an invaluable tool for call management for team answer environments, Cisco Unified Attendant Console Compact Edition is well-suited to use as an executive desktop communications tool.

Features and Benefits

   Communicate more effectively: Cisco Unified Attendant Console Compact Edition brings telephony to the desktop, meaning you can stay focused on the task on screen. Now you can make, answer, and transfer telephone calls using your mouse or keyboard and the easy-to-use on-screen controls. With the on-screen contact directory, you do not need to remember your colleagues’ or co-workers’ telephone numbers - just search for them on screen and click with your mouse to speak. Email, call forward, and do-not-disturb features as well as voice paging make the Cisco Unified Attendant Console Compact Edition indispensible.

   Reduce communication delays with presence and contact information: Cisco Unified Attendant Console Compact Edition enables you to see the availability of your co-workers and colleagues within your organization. You can immediately see who is on the phone or who has a call forward or do-not-disturb status set. Contact cards provide the names and departments of your colleagues along with several options to communicate with them. The groups feature allows you to keep tabs on most commonly contacted people and important teams within your organization. These capabilities help reduce communication delays and result in faster decision making in the process of delivering calls to the right destination.

Figure 1.      Cisco Unified Attendant Console Compact Edition User Interface

Figure 2.      Compact Edition Contact Options

Table 1 outlines the features and benefits, Table 2 gives specifications, and Table 3 gives requirements of Cisco Unified Attendant Console Compact Edition.

Table 1.       Features and Benefits of Cisco Unified Attendant Console Compact Edition



Call information

  Reduce time and improve efficiency to answer calls with telephone control on your screen.
  See who is calling by name and number.
  See the duration of the call and any call forwarding - allowing you to answer the call appropriately.

Call control

  Cisco Unified Attendant Console Compact Edition controls your Cisco Unified IP Phone or IP Communicator soft phone.
  View and control multiple calls on multiple lines at the same time using the easy-to-use graphical interface.
  Answer calls using your mouse or keyboard.
  Transfer calls to any number or person in the directory view.
  Hold and unhold calls.
  Toggle between calls on multiple lines.

Contact directory

  Save time by finding co-workers quickly using the directory searching feature.
  Up to 400 contacts are supported in the directory.
  Easily search by name or number.
  Filter larger directories by type of contact, or manage your contacts using the groups feature.
  No maintenance is required because the list of contacts comes automatically out of the Cisco Business Edition 3000.


  Quickly and easily make one-way announcements from the application using the voice paging feature.
  Page one or many co-workers using your contact directory and the groups feature.


  Conveniently send an email message with call details to co-workers.


  Reduce time in locating an available co-worker using the real-time phone status feature, displayed in your contact directory.
  See at a glance who is on the phone, in do-not-disturb status, or has a call forward set - and deliver calls quickly and efficiently to the right person each time.
  See the status of any do-not-disturb and call forward contacts set in the contact directory.
  Set do-not-disturb and call forward status on any of your contacts’ phones in the directory.

Click to dial

  Easily make calls from numbers within Microsoft Office applications with just a mouse click (excluding Microsoft PowerPoint).

User interface

  An intuitive and flexible interface makes interacting with your customers and co-workers simple.
  Scale it to fit your screen - as large or as compact as you wish.
  Easily see call and presence statuses using easy-to-understand visual elements.


  Each client requires an enhanced license (L-LIC-BE3K-ENH) to register with the Cisco Business Edition 3000, and each Cisco Business Edition 3000 can support a maximum of 10 clients.
  No server is required - clients connect directly to Cisco Business Edition 3000.


The solution is available in the following languages:

  English (International)
  Chinese (Simplified)
  French (Canada)
  Portuguese (Brazil)

Table 2.       System Requirements

Disk space

300 MB of available disk space


Intel Core 2 Duo or later


1-GB RAM or more


Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows 7 32 bit

Table 3.       Cisco Unified Communications System Requirements

Cisco Business Edition 3000


Cisco Unified IP Phones (computer telephony integration [CTI]-enabled)

  Cisco Unified IP Phone 6901
  Cisco Unified IP Phone 6911
  Cisco Unified IP Phone 6921
  Cisco Unified IP Phone 6941
  Cisco Unified IP Phone 6945
  Cisco Unified IP Phone 6961
  Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937G
  Cisco Unified IP Phone 8941
  Cisco Unified IP Phone 8945
  Cisco Unified IP Phone 8961
  Cisco IP Communicator

Service and Support

Using the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach, Cisco and our partners provide a broad portfolio of end-to-end services and support that can help increase the business value of your network and your return on investment. This approach defines the minimum set of activities needed, by technology and by network complexity, to help you successfully deploy and operate Cisco technologies and optimize their performance throughout the lifecycle of your network.

For More Information

For more information about the Cisco Unified Enterprise Attendant Console, please contact your local Cisco account representative.

Obtaining the Software

The Cisco Unified Attendant Console Compact Edition client is available for download from the following site:

Ordering Guide

The Cisco Business Edition 3000 ordering guide is available at the following site: