Cisco 7800 Series Media Convergence Servers

Cisco MCS 7815-I3

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Cisco® Unified Communications is a comprehensive IP communications system of voice, video, data, and mobility products and applications. It enables more effective, more secure, more personal communications that directly affect both sales and profitability. It brings people together by enabling a new way of communicating-where your business moves with you, security is everywhere, and information is always available...whenever and wherever it is needed. Cisco Unified Communications is part of an integrated solution that includes network infrastructure, security, mobility, network management products, lifecycle services, flexible deployment and outsourced management options, end-user and partner financing packages, and third-party communications applications.

The Cisco MCS 7815-I3 Media Convergence Server is an entry-level server platform for Cisco Unity ® messaging solutions. This cost-effective solution delivers the high performance demanded by today's enterprise networks and offers the following features:

• Intel Dual-Core Xeon 3050 2.13-GHz processor with an 1066-MHz front side bus (FSB) and 2 MB of Layer 2 cache

• 2-GB PC2-5300 double-data-rate 2 (DDR2) Error Checking and Correcting (ECC) memory (must be installed in pairs)

• 160-GB serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) hard disk

• Single Gigabit Ethernet controller

• Tower form factor; 5 rack units (5RU) if mounted in rack orientation using optional rack-mounting kit

• Three PCI slots for older integrations

Supported Cisco Applications

• Cisco Unity 4.0, 4.1, 4.2

• Cisco Unity 5.0

• Cisco Unity Connection 1.1, 1.2

• Cisco Unity Connection 2.0

• Cisco Unity Bridge

Key Features and Benefits


The Cisco MCS 7815-I3 uses a single Intel Dual-Core Xeon 3050, 2.13-GHz processor with a 1066-MHz FSB.


Serviceable SATA Disk Drives

The Cisco MCS 7815-I3 is configured with a single 160-GB SATA "cold-pluggable" disk drive, which is accessible to the end user through openings in the front bezel of the server. If a drive fails, the user can schedule server downtime, power down the server, and replace the failed SATA drive by simply removing it (each drive is equipped with a front latch that positively mates the drive to the server) and replacing it with an unconfigured spare drive.

DAT Tape Drive Support

The Cisco MCS 7815-I3 can support a 36-/72-GB universal-serial-bus (USB) external Digital Audio Tape (DAT) drive (part number DAT-USB-EXT-72=) or an optional 36-/72-GB USB rack-mount DAT drive (part number DAT-USB-RM-72=). This tape drive connects through one of the USB 2.0 ports provided by the Cisco MCS 7815-I3 server.

Product Specifications

Tables 1 through 10 give specifications and Table 11 gives ordering information about the Cisco MCS 7815-I3.

Table 1. Product Specifications

Processor (CPU)

Intel Dual-Core Xeon 3050

Processor internal clock speed

2.13 GHz

Level 2 cache

2 MB

Maximum processors


Processors installed


Basic input/output system (BIOS) type


Table 2. Memory Specifications

Memory maximum

8 GB

Memory bus clock

667 MHz

Memory technology

667-MHz DDR2

Total RAM slots


Memory installed

2 GB (two 1-GB dual in-line memory modules [DIMMs])

Table 3. Hard Disk Specifications

Cold-swappable bays


Hard-disk interface type


Hard disk installed

One 160 GB

Hard-disk route processor module (RPM)


Hard-disk average seek time

9 ms

Data transfer rate (burst)

150 MB per second

Table 4. Network Interface Specifications

Ethernet network interface card (NIC)

Single onboard 10/100/1000

Ethernet connectors

One RJ-45 connector on rear of server

10BASE-T cable support

EIA Category 3, 4, or 5 unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) (2 or 4 pair) up to 328 ft (100m)

100BASE-TX cable support

EIA Category 5 UTP (2 pair) up to 328 ft (100m)

1000BASE-T cable support

EIA Category 6 UTP (recommended), 5E UTP, 5 UTP (2 pair) up to 328 ft (100m)

Table 5. Interface Port Specifications

Serial ports


Parallel ports


USB 2.0 ports


Keyboard ports


Mouse ports


Audio ports


Table 6. Security Capabilities

• Power-on password
• A selectable boot sequence

Table 7. Standards Compliance

• PCI specification 2.2
• Hardware enabled to meet the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9241, Part 3 standard

Table 8. Expansion Options and Interfaces

Expansion Options

PCI-Express x8 slots


PCI-Express x1 slots


PCI 32-bit/33 MHz slots


Table 9. System Unit Specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D)

17.25 x 8.5 x 21.25 in.

438 x 216 x 540 mm

Weight (maximum)

56 lb

25.2 kg

Input requirements
(per power supply)

Rated line voltage

100-127 VAC and 200-240 VAC

Rated kilovolt-amperes (kVA) approximately

Minimum: 0.20 kVA (all models) Maximum: 0.55 kVA

Rated input frequency

50-60 Hz

BTU rating (maximum)



Power supply output power

Rated steady-state power


Temperature range


10 to 35°C (50 to 95°F)

Altitude: 0 to 914 m (2998.0 ft)


-40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F)

Altitude: 0 to 2133m (7000 ft)


-40 to 140°F (-4 to 60°C)

Relative humidity (RH; noncondensing)


8 to 80%

Maximum altitude

7000 ft


Acoustic noise


5.3 bel

Table 10. Equipment Approvals and Safety

• FCC - Verified to comply with Part 15 of the FCC Rules, Class A
• Canada ICES-003, Class A digital apparatus
• UK - NS/G/1234/J/100003
• EU Council Directive 89/336/EEC relating to electromagnetic compatibility
• Tested and complies with Class A Information Technology Equipment according to CISPR 22/European Standard EN 55022.

Table 11. Ordering Information

Product Name

Part Number

Cisco MCS 7815-I3 for Cisco Unity


Cisco MCS 7815-I3 for Cisco Unity Connection 1.x


Cisco MCS 7815-I3 for Cisco Unity Connection 2.x


Identifying CPU Speed of Server

To help identify processor speeds, the Cisco manufacturing part number will be shown on the chassis. The Cisco MCS 7815-13 will continue to adopt newer and faster Intel processors as they become available. Table 12 gives processor part numbers.

Table 12. Manufacturing Part Numbers by Processor Speed


Manufacturing Part Number Located on Server


Intel Dual-Core Xeon 3050, 2.13 GHz

74-5056 -01

Initial production of the servers with the following part numbers:

• MCS-7815-I3-ECS1
• MCS-7815-I3-UCA1

Intel Dual-Core Xeon 3050, 3.2 GHz



Warranty Information

Cisco offers a 1-year limited hardware warranty on Cisco media convergence servers. For terms and conditions of this warranty, go to:

Cisco Unified Communications Services and Support

Using the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach, Cisco and its partners offer a broad portfolio of end-to-end services to support the Cisco Unified Communications System. These services are based on proven methodologies for deploying, operating, and optimizing IP communications solutions. Initial planning and design services, for example, can help you meet aggressive deployment schedules and minimize network disruption during implementation. Operate services reduce the risk of communications downtime with expert technical support, and optimize services enhance solution performance for operational excellence. Cisco and its partners offer a system-level service and support approach that can help you create and maintain a resilient, converged network that meets your business needs.