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End-of-Life Announcement of the C1100 WorkGroup Concentrator Family

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Cisco Systems ® Workgroup Business Unit is announcing the End of Life of the C1100 Workgroup Concentrator family. This product has been supplanted by the WS-C1400 Workgroup Concentrator. The products affected by this end-of-life announcement are listed below along with relevant dates.
Listed below are the line cards for C1400 that, together with the C1400 base unit, make up the closest equivalent model; e.g., the WS-X1431 line card plus the WS-C1400 base chassis lists for $7,995 and together form the closest comparable model to the WS-C1131-a C1100 Chassis with a 4-port FDDI line card included

Table 1. C1100 Workgroup Concentrator Products Affected

Products Affected

Closest C1400 Model1,2

WS-C1131: Chassis and 4 FDDI ports

WS-X1431: 4 FDDI ports

WS-C1134: Chassis and 4 SM ports

WS-X1434: 4 SM ports

WS-C1141: Chassis and 8 FDDI ports

WS-X1441: 8 FDDI ports

WS-C1143: Chassis and 8 CDDI MLT-3

WS-X1483: 16-port CDDI MLT-3

WS-C1144: Chassis and 8 SM ports

WS-X1444: 8-port XM FDDI

  1. Note: unlike the C1100, there are no model numbers for the C1400 that include a chassis/line card combination. The C1400 is sold as a separate base chassis plus the customer's choice of line card(s).
  2. The WS-C1400 base unit's cost is $3,500.

Table 2. The Closest Equivalent C1400 Line Cards to the C1100 Line Cards

Individual Line Cards Affected

Closest Equivalent C1400 Line Card

WS-C152: 14-port FDDI

WS-X1431: 4 FDDI ports

WS-C1524: 4-port SM FDDI

WS-X1434: 4 SM FDDI

WS-C1531: 8-port FDDI

WS-X1441: 8-port FDDI

WS-C1533: 8-port MLT-3 CDDI

WS-X1483: 16-port CDDI-MLT3

WS-C1544: 8-port SMF

WS-X1444: 8-port SMF

Also obsoleted with this announcement are the C1652 and C1653, which make it possible to upgrade from an MLT-2 version of the C1100 to MLT-3. For early customers of C1100 who have not migrated from MLT-2 to MLT-3 on the C1100, encourage them to do it now! 1

• C1652-CDDI Line Card for C1100 MLT-3 upgrade-list price: $310

• C1653-CDDI A/B Card for C1100 MLT-3 upgrade-list price: $100

Note that the A/B port cards for the C1100 models, including FDDI, CDDI, and single-mode fiber (product numbers WS-C1511, WS-C1513, and WS-C1514) are also used for the Catalyst ® product and are thus NOT included with this notice.

• Last date to order products: September 23, 1995

• Last date to ship products: October 23, 1995

Ongoing support and hardware replacement will be available for three years or until October 23, 1998. Please be sure to inform your customers of this continuing support program as it is always important to them to feel their investment is protected (and it is a good source of revenue for Cisco).


• There is no planned C1100 to C1400 trade-in or upgrade program.

• This information is also available on Cisco Connection Sales Tools CD-ROM.

• Contact me with any configuration or pricing issues for C1100 customers looking for the best equivalent C1400 model.

• The final regular software release for the C1100, to address any last minute bugs or software fixes, will be sent out in June, 1995. This will be Software Release 3.2-current release is 3.1.

1These MLT3 upgrade kits were meant to upgrade previous MLT-2-based concentrators. MLT-2 parts included the WS-C1530, an 8-port MLT-2 CDDI line card, the
WS-C1140, a chassis plus 8-port MLT-2 line card, and WS-C1510, the MLT-2-based A/B card. These MLT-2 parts are no longer sold by Cisco.