Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches

Upgrading Software Licenses with 6500-SW-SPARECD Information

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6500-SW-SPARECD Part Number Overview

Cisco IOS Software is specifically tied to a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine and is initially licensed upon purchase. If you have a redundant Supervisor in a chassis there is not a requirement to have separate licenses for both as only one is online at any one time. This software license is non transferable. Customers who do not have a maintenance contract and are planning to upgrade or purchase a new software image license on a Supervisor Engine will need to order the 6500-SW-SPARECD part number and configure their image of choice onto it. The 6500-SW-SPARECD part number has been set up to help the customers with the following:

• Upgrade their existing software feature set license to another feature set on an existing Supervisor Engine.

• Purchase a license for a redundant Supervisor which is now going to be re-used as a primary Supervisor in another system.

• Relicense a Supervisor Engine purchased from the grey market.

• Order a new Supervisor Engine and associated software license separately.

Ordering Example

The following example guides through a step-by-step approach for using the 6500-SW-SPARECD to order a 12.2(18)SXF software release. The pricing for the spare software images will be available through the Dynamic configuration Tool:

Step 1. Select "Catalyst 6500" as the Product family in the Dynamic configuration tool

Step 2. Upon doing a search in the Catalyst 6500 product family , select the 6500-SW-SPARECD option towards the end of the tool as outlined below.

Step 3. Upon selecting the SPARECD , click on the "select options" tab to identify the Supervisor engine for which the customer is requesting the upgrade:

Step 4. In this example, the plan is to upgrade to "Cisco CAT6000-SUP720 IOS IP SERVICES (MODULAR)" image.

Step 5. Once the image is selected, the configuration can be validated by clicking on the "check configuration" button towards the bottom of the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is "spare software" or "a software spare" on the Cisco 6500 Series Switches? When do I need to order one?
A. "Spare" software includes a copy of Cisco IOS ® Software on a CD-ROM, and most importantly, a license to use that software.

Spare software is required when a customer wants a new version of Cisco IOS Software and does not have a current maintenance agreement, or when they have purchased their Cisco 6500 series switches used-software licenses are not transferable from owner to owner.

Q. Does this change the pricing of spare software?
A. No. Although the pricing is allocated differently across the software spare product code and the software image itself, there is no change in the resulting price.
Q. If a customer wants to use a redundant supervisor in this switch, does he have to buy another software license for the second supervisor?
A. No, since it is a redundant card and only one is on-line at a time, a single software license will be required for this system.
Q. If a customer decides to move a redundant Supervisor to another system where it will be the primary Supervisor will a software license be required?
A. Yes. If a redundant Supervisor i s reused as a primary it will require its own license.
Q. If a customer has a SmartNet contract do they need to purchase a new license if they upgrade IOS from say 12.1 to 12.2?
A. With a SmartNet contract, they do not need to purchase a new license.
Q. If a customer has SmartNet do they need to purchase a new license if they change trains, say E to EX
A. Moving from E to EX is the same thing as moving from 12.1 to 12.2. So, there is no additional fee since major release upgrades are covered under SmartNet
Q. If a customer has SmartNet do they need to purchase a new license if they change feature set, say IP to Enterprise
A. Yes, if they move between feature sets, then they need to purchase a new license, which is part of the SmartNet contract
Q. If a customer has SmartNet and replaces a damaged Supervisor is another license required.
A. No. This is the only use case where a license is transferable. The coverage will move to the replacement Supervisor.

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