Cisco Catalyst 5000 Series Switches

EoL Announcement for Catalyst 5000 10/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet Switching Module

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Cisco Systems ® Workgroup Business Unit is announcing the End of Life of the Catalyst ® 5000 10/100Base-TX FastEthernet Switching Module (WS-X5213) and the availability of its replacement, the Catalyst 5000 10/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet Switching Module (WS-X5213A). The new WS-X5213A module reflects a minor component change only; it does not reflect a change in the features, functions, or form of this product. The products affected by this End-of-Life announcement are listed as follows, along with relevant dates and the closest equivalent models.

Table 1. Catalyst 5000 Products Affected

Products Affected

Closest Equivalent Model

WS-X5213: 100Base-TX Switching Module

WS-X5213A:10/100Base-TX Switching Module

WS-X5213=: 100Base-TX Switching Module

WS-X5213A=:10/100Base-TX Switching Module

Note: Both of these Fast Ethernet Switching Modules support 12 RJ-45 connectors.

• End-of-Sale: February 28, 1997

• Last Ship Date: March 31, 1997

• Last Date of Support: March 31, 2002


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