Cisco UCS Central Software

Cisco UCS Central Software Plus ScienceLogic IT Management Platform: Centralized Policy-Based Management of Multiple Cisco UCS Domains

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The ScienceLogic IT Management Platform used with Cisco UCS® Central Software enables correlation of performance, availability, and configuration information from Cisco UCS Manager instances in multiple Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) domains and other data sources in a single pane for real-time troubleshooting and fast deployment of new services.

Text Box: HIGHLIGHTS●	Manage multiple Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) domains end to end: Cisco UCS Manager embedded device management software manages each Cisco UCS domain across the entire system as a single logical entity. Cisco UCS Central Software extends these management features to multiple Cisco UCS domains, which may be distributed across different data centers.●	Gain a unified view and management of Cisco UCS domains Through Cisco UCS Central Software, the ScienceLogic IT Management Platform provides a single view of Cisco UCS domains in multiple data centers through their Cisco UCS Manager instances, including their many components such as chassis, fans, blade servers, network components, and physical and virtual machines. Advanced dynamic component mapping features provide automated and real-time mapping of these components and their relationships and status changes.●	Respond quickly to problems and maintain high uptime: The ScienceLogic IT Management Platform provides a centralized view of global events and alarms, based on tracking policy and configuration changes available through the API for Cisco UCS Central Software. Proactive monitoring of all Cisco UCS components is combined with operation intelligence for faster resolution of problems across multiple Cisco UCS domains. Automated alarm suppression and correlation allow administrators to better locate the source of downstream degradation.

Cisco Unified Computing System and Cisco UCS Manager

Cisco UCS is the first data center platform that integrates industry-standard x86-architecture Cisco ® servers with networking and storage access into a single converged, computing, networking, and storage system. Cisco UCS Manager provides a single point of management for each Cisco UCS domain of up to 160 servers and associated infrastructure. Using a policy-based approach to server provisioning based on service profile templates, Cisco UCS Manager is used by administrators to quickly reproduce existing physical configurations, including I/O, firmware, and settings. A role-based access control (RBAC) model helps ensure the security of system configurations.

Cisco UCS Central Software

Cisco UCS Central Software extends Cisco UCS Manager features across multiple Cisco UCS domains. It allows companies to manage unified computing environments on a global scale, putting computing capacity close to users while managing infrastructure with policies defined centrally. With Cisco UCS Central Software, helping ensure global policy compliance is much easier, with subject-matter experts able to choose the resource pools and policies that must be enforced globally or locally. Cisco UCS service profiles can be moved between geographical locations with drag-and-drop simplicity to enable fast deployment of infrastructure as needed to support business workloads.

ScienceLogic IT Management Platform for Cisco UCS Central Software

Understand global events or alarms that affect any Cisco UCS component or configuration across multiple Cisco UCS domains with the ScienceLogic IT Management Platform integrated with Cisco UCS Central Software and Cisco UCS Manager instances. This single-pane view provides unified monitoring for global and distributed deployments of Cisco UCS, tracking everything from networking and storage components to hypervisors, for at-a-glance business-impact analysis and real-time troubleshooting.
The ScienceLogic IT Management Platform gathers information from Cisco UCS Central Software (Figure 1, top), which aggregates data from multiple Cisco UCS Manager instances across Cisco UCS domains wherever they are located. Cisco UCS Manager instances track data from the chassis, blade services, fabric interconnects, and Cisco UCS service profiles, as shown.

Figure 1:
Cisco UCS Central Software, Cisco UCS Manager Domains, and Associated Infrastructure Provide Data to the ScienceLogic IT Management Platform
For enterprises and service providers, the ScienceLogic IT Management Platform helps accelerate the rollout of new managed services. It includes device templates that automatically map and merge systemwide information about performance, health, and configurations from multiple Cisco UCS deployments. The templates automatically align with the centralized instance of Cisco UCS Central Software, and the ScienceLogic IT Management Platform continues to gather data through redundant monitoring access even if access to an individual Cisco UCS Manager instance is lost. Logical and functional collector pools provide built-in resiliency, helping ensure that no gaps occur in data coming from Cisco UCS Central Software and Cisco UCS Manager.

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