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Cisco Security Manager Release 4.0 FAQ

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Q.   What is Cisco ® Security Manager?
A.    Cisco Security Manager is an enterprise-class management application that provides insight into and control of Cisco network and security devices. Cisco Security Manager offers comprehensive security management (configuration and event management) across a wide range of Cisco security appliances, including Cisco ASA Adaptive Security Appliances, IPS Sensor Appliances, Integrated Services Routers, Firewall Services Modules, and Cisco Catalyst 6000 Series Switches. Cisco Security Manager allows you to efficiently manage networks of all sizes—from small networks to large networks consisting of hundreds of devices.
Q.   Who should deploy Cisco Security Manager?
A.    Security Manager is designed to meet the security configuration management needs of small to large enterprise environments that use Cisco network and security devices. Cisco Security Manager is not geared specifically for service provider environments. Typically, security administrators managing firewalls, VPNs, and IPSs would use Cisco Security Manager.
Q.   What's new in Cisco Security Manager Release 4.0?
A.    Cisco Security Manager Release 4.0 provides several enhancements. Major new features in this release include:

   Native event management support for troubleshooting

   Support for event-to-policy linkages and cross-launching

   Integrated troubleshooting tools such as Packet Tracer and traceroute

   Detection of out-of-band changes for heterogeneous operational  IT environments

   Tighter integration with ASA appliances (through NAT simplification, for example), thereby increasing efficiency and performance

   Support for Cisco’s latest IPS/firewall features, such as Botnet Traffic Filter and Global Correlation, for enhanced threat response

   Support for Windows 2008

 A detailed list of features will be provided in the product release notes.
Q.   When is the expected release date for Cisco Security Manager Release 4.0?
A.    Cisco Security Manager Release 4.0 is targeted for release in Q2 CY10. This information will be made available on the Cisco download site.
Q.   How can we get a peek into what’s coming before the new release is deployed?
A.    Cisco will be running a beta program starting in February 2010. Please work with your Cisco account managers to nominate yourself for the beta program. We will make the early builds available for evaluation to beta program participants.
Q.   What kind of training is available for Cisco Security Manager Release 4.0?
A.    Cisco Learning Partners will be trained on Cisco Security Manager Release 4.0, and Cisco will provide a new learning course, as well as related VODs and webinars. At the time of release, product data sheets, bulletins, and deployment guides will be downloadable from You can also take part in Cisco NetPro events and watch out for Cisco security newsletters for more information.


Q.   What will the upgrade path be for existing Cisco Security Manager customers?
A.    Existing Cisco Security Manager Version 3.x customers can upgrade to the newer Cisco Security Manager Version 4.0 by purchasing Cisco Security Manager upgrade licenses. Details about the licenses to purchase and corresponding pricing details will be provided before the first customer shipment of the product.
Q.   Is Cisco Security Manager Release 4.0 supported on VMware?
A.    Yes. Cisco Security Manager Release 4.0 is supported on VMware ESX Server 3.5.
Q.   What support options are available for Cisco Security Manager?
A.    Cisco Security Manager is eligible for technical support service coverage under Cisco SAS. For details on Cisco SAS coverage, please visit:
Cisco Software Application Support plus Upgrades (SASU) is not offered for Cisco Security Manager.
Q.   What options are available to evaluate Cisco Security Manager?
A.    Anyone with a valid account can download Cisco Security Manager and use the software for up to 90 days in evaluation mode. Go to and access the “Download Software” link.

Note:    This download does not include CiscoWorks Resource Manager Essentials (RME). For customers that wish to also evaluate CiscoWorks RME or that prefer a media format rather than a large download, an evaluation DVD can be ordered from Cisco Marketplace. At, navigate to the Collateral and Subscriptions Store and search for part number EVAL-CSMGR-4.0.

There is no separate evaluation license. The product operates automatically in evaluation mode in the absence of an installed permanent license file.
Q.   Where can I find a technical Q&A about Cisco Security Manager?
A.    An updated version of the “FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide for Cisco Security Manager 4.x” will be available at:

For specific recommendations on deploying Cisco Security Manager, the latest deployment guide will be available on the release date, at: