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Cisco Security Agent Version 5.2 Starter Bundle

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The Cisco ® Security Agent Version 5.2 Starter Bundle is a low-cost entry point for initial server and desktop deployments within an enterprise, or for small to medium-size businesses. It contains:

• Management Center for Cisco Security Agents

• 1 Cisco Security Agent for servers

• 10 Cisco Security Agents for desktops

Cisco ® Security Agent security software provides threat protection for server, desktop, and Point-of-Service (POS) computing systems. Cisco Security Agent goes beyond conventional endpoint security solutions, providing an industry-leading defense against targeted attacks, spyware, rootkits, and day-zero attacks. Proactive protection is offered against unknown, never-seen-before threats, brand new exploits, and variants trying to take advantage of recently announced vulnerabilities. Cisco Security Agent provides "zero update" system integrity protection for critical servers that cannot be taken out of service to apply operating system or application-specific vulnerability patches. It helps reduce emergency patching of systems to respond to vulnerability announcements, minimizing patch-related downtime and IT manhour expenses. Organizations can now patch on their own schedule, not in crisis mode.

Features and Benefits

Cisco Security Agent provides numerous benefits, including:

• Regulatory policy compliance enforcement

• Preventive protection against targeted attacks

• The ability to identify and quarantine rootkits

• Industry-leading host intrusion prevention, personal firewall, and day-zero attack protection

• Optimized Wi-Fi bandwidth

• Ensure availability of critical client-server applications and transactions

• Protects retail point of service (POS) terminals, as well as servers & desktops

For more information and technical specifications, please see the Cisco Security Agent data sheet

Network Integration Features Table

Cisco Security Agent integrates with various Cisco products to provide a collaborative network and endpoint solution. Table 1 lists the network integration features of Cisco Security Agent.

Table 1. Network Integration Features Table



Wireless Policy Controls

Cisco Security Agent provides wireless policy controls to enhance the overall security and optimize the bandwidth of a wireless deployment. Policies can restrict wireless connections to specific parameters, such as requiring a VPN connection for wireless traffic when a user is out of the office. Critical applications can be prioritized to minimize latency over the wireless LAN infrastructure. Cisco Security Agent's location-based policy controls offer an additional layer of protection when users are out of the office.

Traffic Marking

Cisco Security Agent can classify traffic on a per-application basis on wireless and wired networks to provide quality of service for critical applications, such as Oracle financials or voice/video. Less-critical applications such as Web browsing or e-mail can be classified as a lower priority, to optimize available network bandwidth. Cisco Security Agent traffic markings can also be used to enhance the firewall inspection capabilities of Cisco ASA 5500 Series and Cisco PIX security appliances to apply specific application inspection policies.

IPS Integration

Cisco Security Agent integrates with Cisco network IPS devices to increase the effectiveness of identifying attacks within the network. Cisco Security Agent provides crucial endpoint security information to Cisco IPS 4200 Series appliances and the IPS modules for the Cisco ASA 5500 Series and the Cisco Catalyst® 6500/7600 Series to provide a complete, end-to-end security solution.

Network Admission Control (NAC) Integration

In a Cisco NAC Appliance or NAC Framework deployment, hosts that are running Cisco Security Agent can be identified and trusted to have full network access. Nonconforming hosts can be quarantined until remediation is performed and they are brought into compliance. Cisco Security Agent will protect the integrity of the NAC agent on the endpoint, preventing unwanted modifications. This enhances the self-defending nature of the enterprise network by providing mitigation against denial of service (DoS) and malware attacks.

Cisco Security MARS Event Integration

Cisco Security Agent provides important endpoint information to the Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (MARS), enhancing the Cisco Security MARS capabilities of threat identification and investigation across the network.

Cisco Security Agent Starter Bundle Part Numbers

Table 2 lists part numbers for the Cisco Security Agent Version 5.1 Starter Bundle.

Table 2. Starter Bundle Part Numbers

Product Name

Part Number

Cisco Security Agent Version 5.1 Starter Bundle (includes Management Center for Cisco Security Agents, 1 server agent, and 10 desktop agents)


Software Application Support plus Upgrades (SASU) for the Cisco Security Agent Starter Bundle


For More Information

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