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Cisco® NAC Guest Server Ordering Guide

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This document describes the Cisco® NAC Guest Server ordering guidelines effective February 15, 2013.

What's new in this guide?

This version of the guide includes ordering information for the Cisco NAC Guest Server when used in conjunction with Cisco Secure Network Server (SNS).


Cisco NAC Guest Server for Cisco NAC Appliance and Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers makes it easy for enterprises to provision guest accounts and give their visitors secure, temporary network access.
Productivity demands and advances in mobile technology have turned enterprises into hot spots. Cisco NAC Guest Server is ideal for organizations that may need to provide Internet access to visiting customers, contractors, and partners. Using Network Admission Control (NAC) on Cisco NAC Guest Server can vastly streamline the process of offering guest access accounts in a secure and flexible way.

Features and Benefits

Cisco NAC Guest Server permits authorized internal users to sponsor a guest and then create a guest account in a simple and secure manner. The server records the entire process, including details from each time the guest accessed the network. These details are stored and made available in reports to further enhance security.
Cisco NAC Guest Server enables your organization to do the following:

Decrease deployment and management costs: Cisco NAC Guest Server allows trusted employees to create guest accounts quickly and securely. This removes the resource burden from IT and helpdesk personnel.

Reduce deployment risk: Automating temporary account provisioning with a fixed policy reduces the risk of human error and allows for removal at the correct time.

Improve productivity for guests: Streamlining guest account creation encourages guests to use the network and enhances productivity.

Improve customer and partner satisfaction: Providing guest access for visitors enables greater collaboration. Customers and partners alike appreciate this capability.

Provides unified guest management across Cisco infrastructure: A consistent interface and policies for managing guest users across both NAC appliance and wireless LAN controllers makes the network easier to manage.

Ordering Information

Cisco NAC Guest Server is used in conjunction with Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers, a Cisco NAC Appliance, or a combination of both. Deploying with a Cisco NAC Appliance offers additional security features for both wired and wireless users, such as security policy assessment and enforcement.
Select one of each of the product part numbers listed in Table 1 when ordering Cisco NAC Guest Server:

Table 1. NAC Guest Server Part Numbers


Product Part Number




Cisco Secure Network Server 3415



Cisco NAC Guest Server version 2.1



Cisco NAC Guest License

Ordering information for Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers is available in the data sheets at:
Ordering information for the Cisco NAC Appliance is available in the ordering guide at:

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For More Information

For more information about Cisco NAC Guest Server, visit: For general information, visit or contact your local account representative.