Cisco IOS Content Filtering

Cisco IOS Content Filtering

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Product Overview

Cisco IOS Content Filtering is a Web security solution that helps organizations protect against known and new Internet threats, improve employee productivity, and enforce business policies for regulatory compliance.

Cisco IOS Content Filtering is ideally suited for small medium businesses and enterprise branch offices that need a scalable, low-maintenance solution.

As employees surf the internet, they expose themselves to websites that are known to give out malware, adware, spyware, and phishing. This not only causes downtime, but also revenue losses. According to an Infonetics Research (2006), nearly 2 percent of revenue losses and 51 percent of downtime costs are due to security costs.

Deployed on Cisco® integrated services routers, Cisco IOS Content Filtering offers category-based productivity and security ratings. Content-aware security ratings protect against malware, malicious code, phishing attacks, and spyware. URL and keyword blocking help to ensure that employees are productive when accessing the Internet. This is a subscription-based hosted solution that leverages Trend Micro’s global TrendLabs™ threat database, and is closely integrated with Cisco IOS.

Key Benefits

The Cisco IOS Content Filtering solution reduces network complexity by eliminating the need for a standalone content filtering product. Cisco ISR customers are not required to purchase and manage additional hardware for web filtering which reduces both capital and operational expenses for the organization.

It interoperates with other Cisco IOS Software components such as Cisco IOS Firewall, Cisco IOS IPS, VPN functions, and per-user authentication and authorization to provide outstanding value and benefits:

   Improves employee productivity and reduces organizational risk: Cisco IOS Content Filtering helps organizations restrict Internet use that exposes them to risks such as inappropriate use of company resources, legal liability, and productivity losses.

   Prevents malware exposure: Cisco IOS Content Filtering blocks users from accessing Websites that are known to dispense malicious code (key loggers, adware, Trojans, spyware, phishing, etc.).

   Enforces compliance: Regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) mandate reliable content filtering. Cisco IOS Content Filtering uses industry-leading technology validated by TrendMicro’s TrendLabs™, a global network of research centers committed to constant threat surveillance and attack prevention.

   Conserves network resources: Cisco IOS Content Filtering enables an organization to set security policies that limit Internet access. This prevents bandwidth-intensive applications and malware from being downloaded, thereby protecting network resources.

   Eases provisioning and management: Easy-to-use Web-based Cisco Configuration Professional enables rapid deployment of Cisco IOS Content Filtering registration and policies.

Figure 1 shows the components of IOS Content Filtering.

Figure 1.      IOS Content Filtering Components


Table 1 lists the features and benefits of Cisco IOS Content Filtering

Table 1.       Cisco IOS Content Filtering Features and Benefits




Easy-to-renew 1-year subscription-based service is associated to the router platform; no individual user licenses are required. Subscription provides access to Trend Micro’s database, with content filtering policies set on the router.

Reputation Security-Ratings

Protection against a variety of web-based threats, including zero-day attacks. Assesses the security risk posed by a Web site based on our risk analysis. Helps combat phishing and guards against spyware that may send confidential information to hackers and cybercriminals. The reputation security Rating for a given URL based on a combination of past behavior and current exposure to malware, adware, phishing, spyware, and hacking provides the utmost level of web security for your network.

Category-Based URL Classification

Over 70+ Categories Available

Content-based classification of URLs helps restrict access to objectionable or productivity-affecting Websites (sites focusing on gambling or weapons, for example). Categories for reputation-based blocking (spyware and keylogging, for example) are also available.

Keyword Blocking

Cisco IOS Content Filtering allows blocking of Websites based on selected keywords that occur in the URL.

Black and White List Support

Cisco IOS Content Filtering supports 100 black and 100 white URLs. For example, trusted Websites can be added to a white list.

Management Provisioning

Cisco IOS Content Filtering is easy to use and deploy. It is managed through Cisco Configuration Professional, a Web-based router management tool, and through CSM (Cisco Security Manager)


The caching feature stores URL categories and their policy decisions (permit or deny) locally on the router, ensuring quick response time to access the Internet. Administrators can configure the cache duration on the router.


Cisco IOS Content Filtering is available in 1 year license subscriptions. A 30-day free trial license is also available. Table 2 lists the available SKUs.

Table 2.       SKU Information

Product Number



1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 871, 876, 878, 878 Routers (URL/Phishing)


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 881, 886, 887,888 Routers (URL/Phishing)


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 891, 892 Routers (URL/Phishing)


30-day free trial license for Cisco 800 Series


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 1801,1802,1803 Routers (URL/Phishing)


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 1811,1812 Routers (URL/Phishing)


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 1841 Routers (URL/Phishing)


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 1861 Routers (URL/Phishing)


30-day free trial license for Cisco 1800/1900 Series


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 2801 Routers (URL/Phishing)


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 2811 Routers (URL/Phishing)


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 2821 Routers (URL/Phishing)


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 2851 Routers (URL/Phishing)


30-day free trial license for Cisco 2800/2900 Series


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 3825 Routers (URL/Phishing)


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 3845 Routers (URL/Phishing)


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 1900 Routers (URL/Phishing)


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 2900 Routers (URL/Phishing)


1-year Cisco IOS Content Filtering subscription for Cisco 3900 Routers (URL/Phishing)


30-day free trial license for Cisco 3800/3900 Series

Platform Support

Table 3 provides platform support information for Cisco IOS Content Filtering.

Table 3.       Platform Support

Product Family

Number of Users Supported

Platforms Supported

Cisco IOS Software Image or License

Cisco 800 Series

10 to 15

871, 876, 877, 878, 881, 886, 887, 888, 891, 892

Advanced IP Services image or license

Cisco 1900 Series

25 to 50

1921, 1941, 1941W


Cisco 1800 Series

25 to 50

1801, 1802, 1803, 1811, 1812, 1841, 1861

Advanced Security or higher

Cisco 2900 Series

75 to 100

2901, 2911, 2921, 2951

Security License

Cisco 2800 Series

75 to 100

2801, 2811, 2821, 2851

Advanced Security or higher

Cisco 3900 Series

100 to 150

3925, 3945

Security License

Cisco 3800 Series

100 to 150

3825, 3845

Advanced Security or higher

To Download the Software

Visit the Cisco Software Center download Cisco IOS Software.

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For More Information

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