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Leading Telecommunications Provider Benefits from Cisco IronPort Email Security Case Study

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●	Headquarters: Moscow, Russia
●	Business: Digital, fiber-optic telecommunications provider
●	Coverage area: 53,000 km, with network connections across 11 times zones and more than 1000 access nodes in all regions of Russia as well as in Europe and Asia
●	Year founded: 1997
●	2007 revenues: US$1.03 billion
●	Website:
●	The industry’s fastest throughput for maximum efficiency
●	Precise reputation scoring to identify and block incoming threats
●	Superior spam detection with minimal false positives
●	Problem-free administration, freeing up IT personnel to focus their attention where its needed most

As a leading telecommunications provider, Russia’s TransTeleCom Company CJSC (TTK) has grown dramatically since its 1997 launch. Today, it serves an area that is home to roughly 90 percent of the country’s population. The volume of its customer usage continues to expand, including a three-fold increase in annual Internet traffic. To sustain its productivity, customer satisfaction and continued growth, the organization needed an email security solution that would deliver a comprehensive defense against the rising tide of spam and viruses.

The Situation

TTK’s previous email security solution proved unequal to the task of defending against an increasingly complex email threat environment. The system frequently delivered false positives, delayed email transmissions, and required constant management intervention. After a comprehensive search for a better solution, the company turned to Cisco® and selected the Cisco IronPort® C-Series Email Security Appliance to meet its growing requirements.

Technical Challenges

TTK wanted a single-source solution to address an increasingly dangerous array of email-based threats. The organization required a system able to support multiple, independent clients from one easily administered platform. It sought a solution with the ability to consistently detect spam embedded in graphics and in Russian language messages, as well as the capacity to quarantine suspicious messages without disrupting its network. Further, the company needed a tool that was easily integrated with third-party, antivirus software. TTK wanted all of this in a scalable, easy-to-manage product that would require minimal oversight from personnel and would not disrupt the normal flow of email traffic.

The Cisco IronPort Advantage

Powered by the Cisco IronPort AsyncOS® operating system, the Cisco IronPort C-Series delivers the industry’s most robust preventive and reactive security technologies, as well as problem-free management. The result is a threat solution capable of shielding enterprises large and small against today’s complex threats, without compromising productivity or taxing administrators’ valuable resources.

With the Cisco IronPort solution at its network perimeter, TTK benefits from a multilayered security approach that delivers the industry’s most efficient and effective protection. Relying on the Cisco IronPort C-Series, the telecommunications provider reports a catch rate of more than 97 percent on the estimated 99 percent of spam-infested mail attempting to enter its system. These results reflect the power of the Cisco IronPort email security solution.

The Cisco IronPort SenderBase® Network provides the muscle behind Cisco IronPort Reputation Filters and Cisco IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters. Gathering critical information on more than 30 percent of the world’s Internet traffic, Cisco IronPort SenderBase processes enormous traffic volumes to provide instant threat detection from the full spectrum of email senders. Using SenderBase, Cisco IronPort appliances immediately examine more than 90 different email parameters, delivering real-time insight into problematic messaging.

Anti-spam features on the appliance are driven by the unique Cisco IronPort Content Adaptive Scanning Engine (CASE), which examines the full context of a message. CASE examines what content the message contains, how it is constructed, who it is from, and where its “call to action” directs the intended recipient. Additionally, the Cisco IronPort Spam Quarantine provides TTK with a safe holding place for spam messages and is easily integrated with its existing directories and mail systems.

By combining best-in-class security, sophisticated and easy management, and real-time monitoring and reporting capacity, the Cisco IronPort C-Series has provided TTK with a 100 percent reduction in email-related oversight time and problem-solving. Cisco has also provided the high-processing TTK demands to keep its network operating at maximum efficiency.

This document was originally published in 10/08, and is being republished with limited, non-substantive updates in 08/10.