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Cisco Micro Webserver 200 End-of-Sale Announcement

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This Product Bulletin announces the End-of-Sale of the Cisco Micro Webserver 200, part of the Micro Webserver product series. The Micro Webserver 200 will no longer be orderable after September 30, 1998. Information concerning specific part numbers, support programs, alternate products, and timelines are included below.

Table 1. Specific Product Part Numbers

Part Number



Webserver appliance


Cisco will continue to support the Micro Webserver 200 through the SMARTnet ® service program. Customers with SMARTnet service contracts are entitled to advance replacement of hardware and 24-hour phone support through the Technical Assistance Center. Cisco is committed to providing hardware and software support for a period of three (3) years after the End-of-Sale date.


Customers who need a product solution with functionality similar to the Micro Webserver 200 are encouraged to take advantage of the wide range of Web server and Web publishing platforms that are available from Cisco partners. These include products from partners such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Microsoft. More information about these companies and their solutions can be found at the following locations:


Q. What is happening to the Cisco Micro Webserver product line?
A. The Micro Webserver product line will be discontinued as a Cisco product line.
Q. Is there a replacement product for the Micro Webserver?
A. Cisco will not be providing a replacement product for the Micro Webserver.
Q. When will customers no longer be able to purchase a Micro Webserver 200?
A. The Micro Webserver 200 will no longer be orderable from Cisco as of September 30, 1998.
Q. Will the Micro Webserver be available as part of the Cisco Networked Office stack?
A. Since the Micro Webserver product line is being discontinued, it will no longer be available as a standalone product or as a part of the Cisco Networked Office stack. The discontinuation of the Micro Webserver will not affect any other components in the Cisco Networked Office stack.
Q. Why is the Micro Webserver being discontinued by Cisco?
A. Cisco introduced the Micro Webserver to provide customers with a simple plug-and-play Internet and intranet publishing Web server. Since the Micro Webserver introduction, several vendors have offered a wide array of products to meet the rapidly growing requirements in this marketplace. Customers can choose from many excellent solutions from major industry vendors and Cisco partners that meet the requirements for an integrated, easy-to-use Web server. In light of these developments, Cisco has decided to remove the Micro Webserver from the marketplace and maintain a focus on delivering core networking solutions for the Internet.
Q. Will Cisco provide new Micro Webserver software feature releases or software updates?
A. Cisco will not be releasing any further software feature releases for the Micro Webserver product line. Cisco will be providing software updates for the Micro Webserver 200 from time-to-time that will be available to all customers. Cisco will also continue to provide software support to customers with SMARTnet service contracts.
Q. How will current Micro Webserver customers receive service and support?
A. Cisco will continue to provide service and support to current Micro Webserver customers through the Cisco SMARTnet service program. Customers with SMARTnet service contracts will be entitled to 24-hour phone support and advance replacement of hardware through the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for the next three years.
Q. What alternatives are available for the Cisco Micro Webserver?
A. Cisco customers interested in purchasing easy-to-use Web publishing solutions are encouraged to evaluate product offerings from Cisco partners such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Microsoft.

Table 2. End-of-Sale Milestones



End-of-Sale Announcement

July 27,1998


September 30, 1998

Last Date of Support

September 30, 2001

For further information, please contact your customer service representative.