Cisco Application Extension Platform

Cisco Application eXtension Platform Development Partner Program

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The Cisco ® Application eXtension Platform (AXP) provides a platform for developing applications that are integrated with Cisco integrated services routers. The AXP Development Partner Program is a framework for customers, systems integrators, service providers, and independent software vendors (ISVs) interested in developing software on Cisco AXP and uses existing Cisco programs, such as Cisco Developer Services and the Cisco Technology Developer Program, for the necessary technical and marketing support for development and distribution of AXP-based solutions:

• A partner or customer can be technically enabled for developing new AXP applications through technical documentation, software development kits (SDKs), developer community support, training, and technical support.

• Strategic ISVs can obtain support in their business planning and go-to-market efforts of AXP-based solutions.

Figure 1. Partnering Models

Developers are typically customers developing and deploying internal applications or larger managed service providers, systems integrators, or value-added resellers (VARs) who are developing differentiated applications and typically go to market without Cisco (for example, handle first-line sales/support including potentially Cisco support).
Solution partners include most ISVs and those systems integrators, MSPs, and VARs who require go-to-market coordination and help from Cisco in areas of sales/business development, marketing, integration/staging of the final solution, and support.
Select partners are by invitation only (based on business case analysis), reflect a strategic relationship, and result in a Cisco resale of the end solution.

Benefits and Requirements

Table 1 shows the benefits, requirements, and costs when partnering to develop AXP applications. Benefits and programmatic support are provided by underlying Cisco programs such as Developer Services and the Cisco Technology Developer Program (CTDP).

Table 1. Benefits and Requirements


Partnering Model




Select (Invite Only)

Cisco Programs (additive)

Cisco Developer Services Program

Cisco Technology Developer Program (CTDP)

Cisco SolutionsPlus agreement or OEM agreement

Benefits (additive)

Developer support for development using developer portal and case tools

• Co-marketing benefits including program logo usage, solution profiles, participation in Cisco events
• Solution is certified as Cisco-compatible via CTDP interoperability verification testing
• Additional developer support for certification test planning
• Partner manager assigned
• Not-for-resale hardware/software discount
• Go-to-market planning
• Specific channel and distribution coordination
• Coordinated customer support models
• Cisco price list by invitation
• Partner manager for GTM planning, sales and marketing activities, and coordination with other Cisco groups

Requirements (additive)

• Developer Questionnaire
• Developer Services subscription
• Business case review
• CTDP interoperability verification testing successfully completed
• CTDP membership
• By invitation only
• Solution partner status, active, and in good standing
• First customer ship or general availability of the product or solution has been released
• Product or solution successfully deployed at paying customer
• Business case justification and approval by Cisco

Costs (additive)

Developer Services subscription fees

CTDP fees


Engagement Process

Figure 2 shows the basic steps involved in becoming an AXP Developer, Solution Partner, or Select Partner. All parties go through an initial process of evaluation, a decision to apply, approval by Cisco, then product development. Solution Partners and Select Partners go through additional steps of: certification based upon the Cisco Technology Developer Program Interoperability Verification Testing process, go-to-market planning, and actual customer and revenue engagements.

Figure 2. Partner Engagement Process

The following detailed steps (Table 2) are designed to help ensure the success of our AXP development partners by providing an appropriate level of interaction and communication with Cisco representatives to address any business and technical issues.

Table 2. Partner Process



Solution and Select Partners


1.Review AXP information:

2. Email or contact your Cisco or channel account team to submit an evaluation request.

3. Upon acceptance, you will receive the software development kit, an evaluation key, and login credentials for the Cisco AXP developer portal.

4. Obtain technical support through the Cisco AXP developer portal.

1. Review AXP info:

2. Request a solution opportunity document from:, complete, and return via email.

3. Upon acceptance, you will receive the software development kit, an evaluation key, and login credentials for the Cisco AXP developer portal, and how to obtain AXP software and hardware.

4. Obtain technical support through the Cisco AXP developer portal.


5. Email or contact your Cisco or channel account team to help you submit a Cisco AXP developer questionnaire.

5. Apply to the AXP category in the Cisco Technology Developer Program (

6. E-mail completed business case/plan (found on the AXP Cisco Technology Developer Program site) to


6. Cisco review typically completed within 5 to 10 business days of application. Approval email will contain instructions on acceptance.

7. Cisco business commit of business case/plan.

8. Partner commit of business case/plan.


7. Sign AXP Developer agreement

8. Subscribe to developer services

9. Obtain production authorization file

10. Purchase additional hardware, software, training

9. Sign AXP Solution Partner agreement

10. Subscribe to developer services

11. Obtain production authorization file

12. Purchase additional hardware, software, training