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AXP Advanced Services

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Cisco Advanced Services Overview

Prepare Phase

• Coordinated planning and strategy AXP services that will access the business strategy and determine what AXP-related Services or Solutions are needed to meet the business needs

Plan Phase

• Services to evaluate the readiness of the infrastructure to support the deployment of AXP modules, including the solution or custom development.

Design Phase

• Detailed design to address the business and technical requirements for the solution

Implement Phase

• Deployment and delivery services for AXP.

Operate and Optimization Phases

• Services needed to maintain the health of the AXP deployment, including both hardware and software day to day and achieve the operational excellence through ongoing improvements

A lifecycle approach to deploying, operating, and scaling a network aligns business and technical requirements throughout the six phases of the network lifecycle: prepare, plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize.
This approach helps our customers and partner to lower the cost of owning and operating the AXP-based solution, improves their ability to respond to rapidly changing market conditions, speeds access to applications and services, and helps increase their infrastructure availability.

Cisco Application Extensions Platform (AXP) Advanced Services

Leveraging Cisco's Advanced Services processes, methodologies and resources, the AXP Practice provides the AXP-centric services and solutions, to maximize the business benefits of AXP for our customers and partners.
The AXP Services cover the following key areas:

Customers Engagements

• Full life-cycle customer engagements, based on Cisco's Advanced Services methodologies and processes.


• Design and implementation of custom solutions to fit specific requirements, or jointly with qualified partners in several verticals


• Onsite or offsite delivery of Operator and Developer Trainings targeted at AXP network engineers or AXP application developers and architects, including instructor-led hands-on exercises

Customizable Services

• As needed by the specific customer environment, Cisco AS will provide AXP-centric mentoring, architecture sessions, hands-on

Partners Ramp-up

• Dedicated AS team and lab resources to help new partners ramp-up on AXP, with guidance and support from Cisco AS engineering team.

Developer Support for Cisco Application Extensions Platform (AXP)

• Cisco offers a variety of support services through the Cisco Developer Services Program. The Cisco Developer Community portal is available for developers to obtain self-service support through tools, documentation, and technology forums. There are also fee based options for live case-based technical support to help developers design, code and troubleshoot AXP, as well as, onsite/offsite development support packages after customer deployment. For further information please visit our website or contact the program office per the below.

• Developer Services website:, for information and how to subscribe. No sales support required!


• AXP Developer Support Program:

• AXP Advanced Services:

These are the AS Developer Support Part Numbers:

Developer Support




Customer Developer Support



Partner Developer Support



Day 2 Developer Support

Day 2 support for customized applications which Cisco builds