Cisco 7200 Series Routers

New Cisco 7200 Series Security Bundle that includes Port Adapter Jacket Card

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Product Bulletin No. 364984


Cisco Systems ® offers high-performing, feature-rich, midrange router security and is now extending the security bundles on the Cisco ® 7200 Series with the addition of the Cisco 7200VXR Series NPE-G2 Network Processing Engine VPN Acceleration Module 2+ (NPE-G2 VAM2+) bundle.
This new bundle also includes the Cisco 7200VXR Series Port Adapter Jacket Card and gives customers more slot density and flexibility. The new NPE-G2VAM2+ bundle (part number 7206VXR/G2/2+VPNK9) will be delivered with the SA-VAM2+ in the Cisco 7200 Series port adapter jacket card (part number C7200-JC-PA), freeing up additional slots since the port adapter jacket card utilizes the I/O module slot to support selected high bandwidth port adapters.
Table 1 lists the features available on the new Cisco 7200 series security bundle with NPE-G2, SA-VAM2+ and the port adapter jacket card.

Table 1. Features



Additional port and slot density

Allows additional high-bandwidth port adapters to be inserted while still providing encryption services with the SA-VAM2+


Table 2 gives ordering information for the Cisco 7200 series security bundle with NPE-G2, SA-VAM2+ and the port adapter jacket.

Table 2. Ordering Information

Bundle Part Number



Bundle Components


Cisco 7206VXR chassis, NPE-G2 processor with 1 GB of system memory, 3 onboard 100/1000

Ethernet ports, VAM2+, port adapter jacket card, AC power, and Cisco IOS® Advanced Security Software

Available NOW

• Cisco 7206VXR router chassis, part number: CISCO7206VXR
• Cisco 7200 Series NPE-G2 network processing engine, part number: NPE-G2
• Cisco AES wide key crypto card, part number: SA-VAM2+
• Cisco 7200 Series Port Adapter Jacket Card, part number: C7200-JC-PA
• Default Memory: 1 GB DRAM, part number: MEM-NPE-G2-1GB=, and 256 MB Compact Flash, part number: MEM-NPE-G2-FLD256= 
• Default Cisco IOS image is the Cisco 7200 series Advanced Security K9 IOS image on 12.4(4)XD, part number: S72AESK9-12404XD


Part Number

Minimum Cisco IOS Release Support


Supported as of 12.4(4)XD2 (2nd rebuild of 12.4(4)XD; Note: 12.4(4)XD is based off 12.4(4)T1)


For more information about the Cisco 7200 series and Cisco 7301 series including respective SA-VAM2+ router bundles and the Cisco 7200 Series Port Adapter Jacket card, visit:
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or contact your local Cisco account representative.


Aamir Waheed, Product Manager,