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New Fan and Air Filter Kit for Cisco 3825-DC Integrated Services Router

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As of February 10, 2009, Cisco is announcing support for a fan and air filter and 23-inch center rack-mount kit for the Cisco 3825-DC Integrated Services Router only. The two new product part numbers are ACS-3825-FILTRKIT= and the ACS-3825-FILTER=. The Cisco 3825-DC Air Filter (part number ACS-3825-FILTRKIT=) includes a single, center-mounted, 23-in. rack-mount kit and a side-mounted air and fan filter element. The CISCO3825 air filter (ACS-3825-FILTER=) includes the air and fan filter element only. This product is intended for use in Data Communications Network (DCN) environments, specifically for AT&T and other U.S service providers for deployment in central-office locations. The CISCO 3825-DC Air Filter kit (ACS-3825-FILTRKIT=) was tested in accordance with Network Equipment Building Standards (NEBS) and Telcordia GR-63-CORE operating temperature standards with the filter in place, including limited short-term excursions of temperatures beyond 40ºC.
List price for the Cisco 3825-DC Air Filter kit (ACS-3825-FILTRKIT=) is $350.00. List price for the Cisco 3825-DC Air Filter (ACS-3825-FILTER=) is $100.

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