Cisco 3200 Series Rugged Integrated Services Routers

Cisco 3201, 3202, 3205 Wireless Mobile Interface Card (WMIC) Software Release 12.4(3)JL

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The 12.4(3)JL software release provides a breadth of new feature enhancements for the wireless mobile interface cards (WMICs) available on the Cisco 3200 Rugged Integrated Services Router (ISR). The software release includes new mobility enhancements, support for standards-based association and authentication methods, and expanded security profiles for the Work Group Bridge (client) station role.
These features are available with the 12.4(3)JL software release for the Cisco 3201 (2.4GHz WMIC), Cisco 3202 (4.9GHz WMIC), and Cisco 3205 (5GHz WMIC). 12.4(3)JL is available on CCO in August, 2008. Table 1 shows the new features released in 12.4(3)JL.

Table 1. New Features Available with 12.4(3)JL



Wireless MIC Support1

Prioritized Multiple Client Profiles

• Provides flexible deployment scenarios through the use of a priority based profile system
• Profiles allow the configuration of authentication, encryption, and channel width per SSID

C3202WMIC-A49K9, C3205 WMIC-A-K9, C3205WMIC-E-K9

Management Frame Protection, ver 1 & 2

• Encrypts management frames between client (Workgroup Bridge) and Access Point or between a Root Bridge and Non-Root Bridge
• Adds message integrity check information element (MIC IE) to each frame
• Validates every management frame that is received from other APs/WMICs in the network
• Client MFP shields authenticated clients from spoofed frames

C3201WMIC2, C3202WMIC-A49K9, C3205WMIC-A-K9, C3205WMIC-E-K9

Any SSID feature

• Allows association to 802.11b/g public WLAN using the any SSID


4.9GHz Dynamic Channel Width

• Configurable option to allow dynamic channel width assignment (5,10, and 20MHz) and detection on the Cisco 4.9GHz WMIC configured in Work Group Bridge


Multiple Basic Service Set Identifier (MBSSID)

• Upon enabling multiple basic SSIDs (BSSIDs), all the SSIDs are included in the beacon
• Individual MAC addresses per SSID with MBSSIDs

C3202WMIC-A49K9, C3205WMIC-A-K9, C3205WMIC-E-K9

Mobility Enhancements

• Enhanced data rate shifting for improved network mobility
• Fast Reauthentication over autonomous and unified wireless architecture using CCKM.

C3201WMIC, C3202WMIC-A49K9, C3205WMIC-A

802.11e QoS

• Prioritizes traffic over 802.11 wireless networks
• Supported on Work Group Bridge and Access Point Modes
• Improves transmission of delay sensitive and high bandwidth applications originating

C3201WMIC, C3202WMIC-A49K9, C3205WMIC-A-K9, C3205WMIC-E-K9

Wireless Interoperability with Cisco Outdoor Unified Wireless Architecture

• Use of the client workgroup bridge station role to provide interoperability with the Cisco 1252 (LAP & Autonomous)
• Provides enterprise class uplink capabilities to LWAPP or autonomous AP based infrastructures

C3201WMIC, C3202WMIC-A49K9, C3205WMIC-A-K9, C3205WMIC-E-K9

Support for Dynamic Frequency Selection Channels in 5GHz (North America)

• Allows radio to detect military or weather radars
Dynamically shifts channel use away from channels used by military or weather radars
Adds DFS channels for North America (5.25-5.35GHz, 5.47-5.725GHz)


1SKUs listed are Wireless Mobile Interface Cards without Thermal Plates. C3201, C3202, & C3205 WMICs with thermal plates use the same software and are not listed in Table 1
2C3201WMIC includes C3201WMIC-A-K9, C3201WMIC-E-K9, C3201WMIC-J-K9, C3201WMIC-J10-K9

Upgrade Paths

Customers can upgrade their existing Wireless Mobile Interface Cards with 12.4(3)JL by downloading the new software release from CCO.

Ordering Information

To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering Home Page. To download software, visit the Cisco Software Center. For more information on ordering Cisco 3200 Wireless Mobile Interface cards, please visit the Cisco 3200 Ordering Guide:
Table 2 lists the software part numbers for the 12.4(3)JL release.

Table 2. Ordering Information

Product Name

Part Number

Cisco 3201 2.4GHz Wireless Mobile Interface Card (WMIC) Software


Cisco 3202 4.9GHz Wireless Mobile Interface Card (WMIC) Software


Cisco 3205 5 GHz Wireless Mobile Interface Card (WMIC) Software


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For More Information

For more information about the Cisco 3200 Rugged ISR, visit for Product Home Page/Data Sheet or contact your local account representative.