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Cisco Physical Security - Cisco Video Surveillance Starter Kit

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The Cisco® Video Surveillance Starter Kit is a turn-key package that makes it easy to order the basic equipment needed to get started and deploy the Cisco IP video surveillance system. The bundle is offered at a discounted bundle price and includes IP cameras with varifocal lenses, video surveillance software, server, and storage (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Cisco Video Surveillance Starter Kit

The Cisco Video Surveillance Starter Kit offers the following:

• Cisco Video Surveillance 4500 High Definition IP Camera supports full 1080p HD resolution at 30 frames per second (fps), and H.264 video encoding standards More than 30 days of continuous (and looping) video surveillance storage, storing 15 fps using either a Cisco Standard-Definition IP camera set for D1 resolution, MPEG-4 encoding, and 512 kbps bandwidth or a Cisco High-Definition IP camera set for 1080p resolution and H.264 encoding

• Cisco Video Surveillance Manager stream licenses for Cisco IP video surveillance cameras

• Easy integration with other Cisco access control, voice, and communications programs

• Single part number for ease of ordering and 9 percent discount off of individual part pricing

The components of the bundle include:

• Cisco Multiservices Platform for Physical Security 1-RU server with 4 TB of storage

• Cisco Video Surveillance 4500 High-Definition IP Camera

• Two Cisco Video Surveillance 2500 Standard-Definition IP Cameras

• Two Cisco Video Surveillance 2500 Standard-Definition IP Domes

• Varifocal lenses for the HD and SD cameras

• Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server and Operations Manager

• Power supply and power cords*

*Included power cords are for North America.

Ordering Information

Table 1 gives an overview of the Cisco Video Surveillance Starter Kit.

Table 1. Cisco Video Surveillance Starter Kit

Bundle Part Number

Product Description


Cisco Video Surveillance Starter Kit with 1-RU server, 4 TB storage, 1 HD camera, 2 SD cameras, 2 SD IP domes, Cisco Video Surveillance Manager

Table 2 lists the individual starter kit components and their corresponding part numbers.

Table 2. Cisco IP Video Surveillance Bundle Components


Product Description


PhySec 1-RU MSP Assembly


1-TB SATA Drive for MSP Servers


Cisco 4500 IP Camera, HD, Day/Night


Cisco IP Camera Lens Megapixel 2.812 mm Fujinon


Cisco 2500 IP Camera, SD, Day/Night


Cisco IP Camera Fujinon 3-11 mm Varifocal Lens


Cisco SD IP Dome, 2.8-10mm, D/N, VR, clear


CIVS-MS Media Server v6.2 Software License


CIVS-OM Extra Operations Manager v4.2 Software License


CIVS 1 Cisco Device Stream Connect License for Media Server


CPS-VSM v4.2/6.2 Software Manufacturing Image


12 VDC at 1.6A Power Supply


N. American Power Cable (for cameras)


N. American Power Cable (for MSP servers)

Note: This information is subject to change. Please contact your local Cisco account representative to confirm the latest promotion status and learn about other promotional bundle offerings (bundles that are available for a limited period of time).

Cisco announces the end-of-sale and end-of life dates for the Cisco Video Surveillance Starter Kit 1. The last day to order the affected product(s) is July 15, 2011. Please see the complete EOS EOL announcement for more details:
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For questions regarding the Starter Kit, please contact