Cisco Network Building Mediator

Cisco Network Building Mediator

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This FAQ addresses the commonly asked questions related to the introduction of the Cisco© Network Building Mediator ("Mediator").

Public/External FAQ

Q. What is the Cisco Network Building Mediator?
A. The Cisco Network Building Mediator ("Mediator") is the industry's first solution that extends the network as a platform to transform the way buildings are built, operated, and experienced. The Mediator provides a network-based framework that interconnects four key systems: building, IT, energy supply, and energy demand. The integration of these disparate systems onto an IP network leads to a truly converged, energy-efficient building.
Q. How does the Mediator work?
A. The Mediator collects data from the building, IT, energy supply, and energy demand systems, which use various protocols and are otherwise unable to communicate. It then normalizes the data into a common data representation. This enables the Mediator to perform any-to-any protocol translation and also to provide information to the end user in a uniform presentation.

This network-based framework creates a common, standards-based, open platform that then allows enterprise applications, cloud services and building/IT systems to communicate. The Mediator is protocol-agnostic and extends the network to serve as an effective foundation for sustainability management.
Q. What product SKUs and licensing options are available for the Mediator?
A. The following licensing options are available for the Mediator.

Product Name

Part Number

Cisco Network Building Mediator 480-Includes 2000 Points


Cisco Network Building Mediator 4800-Additional 1000 Points


Cisco Network Building Mediator 4800-Intermediate Protocols


Cisco Network Building Mediator 4800-Advanced Protocols


Cisco Network Building Mediator 2400-Includes 250 Points


Cisco Network Building Mediator 2400-Additional 250 Points


Cisco Network Building Mediator 2400-Intermediate Protocols


Q. What is a point?
A. A point is a generic term used to describe a single item of information in a building control system. Examples of points include the temperature of a room, duct pressure of an air handling unit (AHU), and chiller water flow rate.
Q. What are the primary differences between the Network Building Mediator 4800 and 2400?
A. The Network Building Mediator 4800 has been designed for enterprise and campus deployments. It supports up to 5000 points. It also supports three types of protocol licenses: Base, Intermediate, and Advanced.

The Network Building Mediator 2400 has been designed for branch and retail deployments. It supports up to 1000 points. It supports two types of protocol licenses: Base and Intermediate. It does not support an advanced protocol license.
Q. How is the Cisco Network Building Mediator different from the Richards-Zeta Mediator?
A. The Cisco Network Building Mediator is a version of the Richards-Zeta Mediator that has been adapted by Cisco. We have updated the interface, added licensing support, and made some software changes to comply with Cisco requirements.
Q. Will the Cisco Mediator interoperate with the existing Richards-Zeta Mediator?
A. Yes. Both Cisco Network Building Mediator appliances are fully interoperable with the existing Richards-Zeta Mediators.
Q. What support options are available?
A. Customers can purchase Cisco's award-winning SMARTnet ® support package for direct technical support from Cisco. The Cisco SMARTnet technical support service offers direct, anytime access to Cisco engineers and an extensive range of technical resources. SMARTnet delivers rapid issue resolution, flexible device-by-device coverage, and premium service options to help maximize operational efficiency.

The Mediator is supported with a standard Cisco SMARTnet support package. For more information, visit or contact your local channel account manager.
Q. How can I learn more about the Mediator?
A. For more information, please visit