Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager

Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager

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Product Overview

The Cisco ® Network Building Mediator Manager ("Mediator Manager") allows organizations to centrally manage their geographically dispersed buildings over an IP network enabling increased visibility and control of global facilities. The Mediator Manager is the first solution in the industry that displays network presence information, providing operators real-time visibility into the status and accessibility of their facilities. The Mediator Manager increases operational efficiencies in distributed facility management, provides tools to reduce overall energy consumption, and helps reduce system downtime by providing proactive system alerts that enable preventive maintenance of critical equipment. The Mediator Manager is a significant component of Cisco's Smart Connected Buildings initiative to transform the way buildings are built, operated, and experienced.
Each building or site that needs to be managed would have one or more Cisco Network Building Mediators ("Mediators") to integrate all the building systems within that facility. The Mediator Manager connects, monitors, aggregates, and manages this distributed network of Mediators. The Mediator Manager provides several key features including a global navigator that provides visualization and presence for the dispersed deployment and global alarm monitoring capability for centralized event management. The Mediator Manager also includes tools for defining global schedules and global set points that apply across all their facilities thereby introducing standardization in facility operations and increasing efficiencies in facility management. Figure 1 shows the Mediator Manager.

Figure 1. Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager

Features and Benefits

• Global navigator that includes network presence information for enterprise-wide visibility of facility operations

• Global set point control for changing system set points across all facilities

• Global alarm monitoring portal with the ability to redirect or route alarms to workflow management systems

• Global and unified schedules that apply across all facilities and across all subsystems

• Drill-down capability from global view to site local view

• Site dashboard highlighting key site parameters

• Graphical equipment status pages for critical systems such as HVAC, lighting, and metering

• Direct control of local site and equipment set points from enterprise portal

System Architecture

Figure 2 shows the architecture of a typical Cisco Network Building Mediator and Mediator Manager deployment. Each branch (building) in the enterprise includes one or more Mediators that integrate all the subsystems in that building, such as HVAC, lighting, and metering. The Mediator Manager connects, monitors, and controls all of the buildings from a central enterprise portal that is built into the Mediator Manager. Organizations can extend the capability of the Mediator Manager solution by using third-party services such as Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics and Automated Demand Response.

Figure 2. System Architecture of Cisco Network Building Mediator and Mediator Manager

Figure 3 shows a sample use case of the Mediator Manager when used for Global Management.

Figure 3. Global Management Use Case

Product Specifications

Table 1. Product Specifications for the Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager


Product Specifications


Quad-core Intel Xeon (Nehalem)


6 GB

Hard Disk

2 x 300-GB SAS RAID drives


Ethernet network interface cards (NICs): 2 x Integrated NICs, 2 x Gigabit NICs (PCI-X)


1 serial port, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 1 keyboard port, 1 video port, 1 mouse port

Form Factor

Rack-mounted 1 RU


35 lb (15.87 kg) fully configured


1.70 x 16.78 x 27.75 in

Power Supply

Dual 675W (redundant)

Industry Certifications

FIPS 140-2 Level 2, Common Criteria EAL2

Product Ordering Information

Table 2. Ordering Information for the Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager

Product Name

Part Number

Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager 6300


Cisco Network Building Mediator 2400-Global Management


Cisco Network Building Mediator 4800-Global Management


To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering Home Page.

Warranty Information

The Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager is supported by a Cisco 90-Day Limited Hardware Warranty. Find detailed warranty information on at the Product Warranties page.

Cisco Services and Support

Cisco and our partners offer a wide range of services programs to accelerate customer success and help improve your return on investment. These innovative programs are delivered through a unique combination of people, processes, tools, and partners, resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction. Cisco services help accelerate migration by assessing the readiness of your network, developing a sound design, and supporting a smooth implementation through effective planning and expert installation, configuration, and integration. Cisco services help you protect and extend the value of your network investment, optimize network operations, and prepare your network for new applications to extend network intelligence and the power of your business. For more information about Cisco services, visit Cisco Technical Services or Cisco Advanced Services.

Cisco SMARTnet Foundational Capabilities

The foundational capabilities included in most Cisco Technical Services help ensure that your basic network infrastructure is available to support your business every minute of every day. The foundational capabilities of Cisco SMARTnet ® service for the Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager are:

• Around-the-clock, global access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for accurate diagnosis and resolution of issues by Cisco support experts.

• Access to the extensive knowledgebase and tools.

• Next-business-day advance hardware replacement. Maintain business continuity by quickly restoring network operations. Replacement hardware is available eight hours per day (delivering the replacement hardware during normal business hours only), five days a week, with next-business-day delivery.

• Ongoing operating system software updates and upgrades, including minor and major releases within the licensed feature set. Extends the useful life of your Cisco network and increases the value of your technology investment.

Table 3. Technical Services Ordering Information for the Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager

Support Name

Part Number

SMARTnet 8x5xNBD* NBM-MGR-6300-K9


* 8x5xNBD = Eight hours per day during normal business hours, five days per week, with next-business-day delivery.

For More Information

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