Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System

Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS)— Release 4.0(2)

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New Version Release Announcement

The Cisco IPICS 4.0 (2) release is now available. The goal of this release is better reliability and functionality. This release is offered at no charge to those customers that have purchased IPICS 4.0 and is available on under Download Software. All future orders will automatically receive version 4.0(2).

What's New with IPICS 4.0(2)

Support for Windows 7 Operating System for the IDC

IPICS 4.0(2) adds the ability to run an IDC on a Windows 7.0 Enterprise 32 or 64 edition operating system with Internet Explorer 8.

ISR G2 LMR and RMS Gateways Support

The second generation routers are now supported as Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and Router Media Service (RMS) Gateways. The RMS is support with the PVDM2 series cards. The new routers supported are the Cisco 2901, 2911, 2951, 3925 & 3945 Integrated Services Routers.

Support for the iPhone 4 as an IPICS Mobile Client

The IPICS Mobile Client is now supported on the Apple iPhone 4 as well as Apple iOS 4. The Apple iPhone 3GS, iTouch, and iPad devices will continue to be supported.

Increased Control over Configuration

This release gives the System Administrator the ability to allow or disallow the configuration of complex key at the user level. A Parameter to allow the patching of secure channels with non-secure channels is also added.

Newly Designed Audio Replay Controls

1. Play Button

2. Rewind

3. Fast Forward

4. Stop

5. Save

Auto Log off of Stale Sessions

A configurable parameter has been added to automatically logoff off-line users after they have not reconnected to server for a configurable amount of time

Dialer-Channel Audio Control When Off Hook on the Integrated Telephone

IPICS 4.0(2) introduces the selection of audio control when a user is off hook on the telephone. The choices are shifting the channel's audio to another audio source, attenuate the channel volume, or attenuate the telephone audio volume.

Expanded Display of Channel Name

The viewable number of characters has been expanded to twenty.

Configurable Video Clip Size

The maximum video size can now be configured from 1-2048 MB

New Patch Indications

This release adds patch indicators on patched channels in the Summary Region.

Summary Regions Increased to Nineteen Configurable Regions

The maximum allowable regions have been increased from six to nineteen.

All Talk Button renamed to PTT

To better reflect the use of the button, the All Talk button has been renamed to PTT. When all of the channels are checked, the button changes to All Talk.

Features Restored in 4.0(2)

Direct Dial Channels

Direct dial channel supports the use of direct, point-to-point connections that enable an IDC user to directly dial a phone number that is connected via the PSTN or an IP phone that is reachable via the customer network. The channel type for this channel displays as direct dial.

Policy Engine Support for Text to Speech

Text to Speech allows IPICS to speak the following items when it plays a message though the dial engine:

• Channel names

• Policy names

• VTG names

• Bulk notification messages

OPS View Functionality

Incidents can now be associated to the OPS View Group the creator is assigned to.

For More Information

For more information about the Cisco IPICS, visit or contact your local account representative.