Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.4 T

Cisco IOS Software IP Source Tracker Feature Discontinuation

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Last updated: January 2007

This product bulletin serves as formal notification of the discontinuation of support for the IP Source Tracker feature on all Cisco ® platforms running Cisco IOS ® Software T-train and mainline Cisco IOS Software images. The capability to configure IP Source Tracker will be removed from the upcoming Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4T (after the 12.4(13)T release) and from future T-train and mainline releases.
Support for the IP Source Tracker feature will continue to be provided in the Cisco IOS Software 12.0S and 12.2S family releases.

Alternative Solutions

The IP Source Tracker feature allows you to gather information about the traffic flowing to a host that is suspected to be under attack. This feature also allows you to trace an attack back to its entry point into the network. If the traceback capability is a requirement for your network, you can use the Cisco NetFlow feature, which provides a similar function for the platforms running the T-train and mainline software images.

Cisco IOS Software Product Bulletin Note

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