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AppleTalk Support Discontinuation

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Last updated: February 2009

Initially designed by Apple Inc. to connect Macintosh computers to printers and file servers in small workgroups, the AppleTalk protocol was later deployed in larger LAN and WAN configurations. While TCP/IP has become the prominent customer choice of protocols, Cisco kept the AppleTalk protocol on its Cisco IOS Software to satisfy the demand in some niche markets such as education and scientific communities.
Due to a significant decrease in Appletalk usage and demand among its customer base, and given the fact that Apple now fully supports the TCP/IP family of protocols, Cisco has reached the decision to discontinue AppleTalk support on Cisco IOS.
The AppleTalk feature removal will be permanent and will also apply to any future IOS releases after 12.4(24)T. This removal will also propagate to other IOS release trains in future (updated product bulletins will be released for other trains).


The following features will be removed from Cisco IOS Software after Release 12.4(24)T:

• AppleTalk Phase 1 and Phase 2 support

• AppleTalk Update-Based Routing Protocol (AURP)

• AppleTalk Tunneling

• AppleTalk Remote Access Protocol (ARAP)

• AppleTalk Access Lists

• All other AppleTalk related features

Product Management Contact

Niraj Gopal (, Francois-Xavier Mateo (