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Cisco Embedded Automation System (EASy)

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Last Updated: November 2010

Q. What can I expect from the EASy project?
A. The EASy project helps provide powerful, flexible automation solutions for our partners and customers using a combination of Cisco ® embedded automation technologies.

The EASy team takes use case ideas from both internal and external sources. Ideas sent to the EASy team will be read and handled as time allows. EASy team members will address questions and new ideas on a best effort basis.

Unfortunately, all use cases may not get implemented, but every effort will be made to reply to each request to at least acknowledge receipt. If a use case is to be implemented, an EASy team member may contact you for more details or to request testing help for the package.

Q. How are EASy packages different from the rest of the scripts posted on the Cisco Beyond EEM open source scripting community?
A. Each EASy package consists of well-documented scripts, a slide deck explaining the use case, solution design, and benefits, as well as a video-on-demand (VoD) demonstration showcasing the solution in run time. Solutions are carefully designed and implemented by the EASy core team, which consists of a group of advanced Embedded Event Manager (EEM) users, to make them as generic and reusable as possible. The EASy team also listens to feedback from the user community and offers best effort support for these EASy solutions.
Q. How do I get started in using these EASy packages?
A. Each EASy package comes with a slide deck and VoD to help you understand the problem as well as the solution to it. All scripts are packaged as a bundle and can be installed using EASy Installer ( from the command-line interface (CLI) through a menu-driven interactive process. Users will be prompted to enter certain configuration parameters for each package, and the rest of the configuration will be automatically completed by EASy Installer. An EASy Installer Guide ( provides step by step instructions on how to get started. Visit for more information and to download EASy packages.
Q. Are these EASy package supported by Cisco?
A. These packages are not officially certified and supported by Cisco. Cisco is not responsible for any issues that may arise as a result of using these packages. The EASy team will provide best effort support for ongoing maintenance and enhancements. For any issues and enhancement requests on EASy packages, please send an email to
Q. Can I modify the scripts to custom-tailor them to my environment as needed?
A. Yes, absolutely. Redistribution of original or modified code must always include the Business Service Description (BSD) copyright and license. Please refer to the licensing information included in the scripts for details.
Q. Can I share the scripts if I have made any modifications?
A. Yes, absolutely. You can share your modified scripts on the Cisco Beyond ( open source community. Redistribution of original or modified code must always include the BSD copyright and license. Please refer to the licensing information included in the scripts for details.

You are also welcome to submit your changes back to the EASy core team to be reviewed and included in future updates.

Q. What version of the Cisco IOS ® Software image do I need to have on my Cisco devices?
A. Each EASy package has different dependencies on the Cisco IOS Software image and EEM version. During the installation process, easy installer will invoke the built-in validation logic in each package to validate the user's environment and check all the dependencies, including device type, Cisco IOS Software image version, and EEM version. The packages will not be installed and an error message will be provided if certain dependencies are not met by the user's environment.
Q. What platforms are supported?
A. Platform support varies with each individual EASy package. During the installation process, easy-installer will invoke built-in validation logic in each package to check these dependencies and give an error message if the platform dependencies are not satisfied. Such platform dependencies are also spelled out in the slide deck that goes with each EASy package.
Q. How much do these scripts cost to use?
A. No charge. The scripts are free.
Q. How do I deploy these EASy packages in my network?
A. Each EASy package contains a set of scripts and configuration files. They can be uploaded onto any remote server accessible from your target device. You can use EASy Installer ( to help automate the installation process. You can either upload EASy-Installer onto your device or invoke it from a remote server (for example, TFTP, SCP, and so on). Then all you need to do is to provide the URL for your EASy package to EASy Installer and it will guide you through a series of menu-driven interactive steps to have the scripts installed and configured.
Q. Can I join the EASy team?
A. Yes. If you are interested in joining the EASy team, please send an email to