Cisco High-Speed WAN Interface Cards

Cisco 4-Port ISDN BRI S/T High-Speed WAN Interface Card

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Product Overview

Cisco ® integrated services routers offer a wide variety of WAN connectivity modules to accommodate the range of application needs in customer networks. The Cisco 4-Port ISDN BRI S/T High-Speed WAN Interface Card (HWIC, Figure 1) offers BRI-S/T-port-based WAN connectivity for modular routers deployed in small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise branch offices.

Figure 1. Cisco 4-Port ISDN BRI S/T interface High-Speed WAN Interface Card


• Four ISDN BRI ports with S/T interface

• Utilizes RJ-45 connectors



The Cisco 4-Port ISDN with S/T interface HWIC provides multifunction dial access server, router, and other capabilities within the Cisco integrated services routers in branch-office environments.
The HWIC is supported on the Cisco 1841, 1941, 2800, 2900, 3800 and 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers. It provides a cost-effective ISDN routing solution with the following benefits of integration:

• Fewer devices and cables to deploy and manage

• Remote and local configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting with the Cisco IOS® Software command-line interface (CLI) and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

• Single-vendor support

• Enhanced reliability

• Physical space savings

Flexibility and Investment Protection

The Cisco 4-Port ISDN with S/T interface HWIC upholds Cisco's commitment to providing customers with maximum flexibility and investment protection through modular WICs that are supported on award-winning router platforms. When WAN bandwidth requirements or service provider pricing changes, users can easily change WAN services either by changing the software configuration or replacing the HWIC. Because the same card can be used on Cisco 1841, 1941, 2800, 2900, 3800 and 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers , the number of stocking units can be reduced, and the HWIC can be redeployed from one platform to another.

Enhanced Reliability

An integrated solution has fewer components and hence, fewer points of failure (for example, one less power supply and fewer cables). This leads to enhanced reliability.

Converged Platform for SMB and Enterprise Branch Applications

The Cisco 1841, 1941, 2800, 2900, 3800 and 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers with the Cisco 4-Port ISDN with S/T interface HWIC provide customers with a choice of converged platforms that offer best-of-class data, security, WAN access, and voice services in a single system. The Cisco 2800, 2900, 3800, and 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers embed voice functions directly inside the router, enabling customers to deploy voice services by installing digital signal processors (DSPs) and advanced integration modules (AIMs) for IP telephony conferencing, voice gateways, and Cisco Unity® Express voicemail and automated attendant. For call processing, customers can enable the Cisco Communications Manager Express solution as part of Cisco IOS Software and reconfigure the same software to support Cisco Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) for centralized call processing with Cisco Communications Manager. Such an integrated solution enables rapid service deployment, increases efficiency of network operations, and provides opportunities to protect, grow, and optimize your business.

Shared Features with Cisco 4-Port ISDN Network Module

The Cisco 4-Port ISDN with S/T interface HWIC offers all of the features of the Cisco 4-Port ISDN with S/T interface Network Module (NM-4B-S/T) and despite form factor change can be smoothly deployed without any additional training.

Table 1. Comparison Between Cisco 4-Port ISDN HWIC and Network Module

Network Module


Four ISDN BRI Ports (S/T Interface)

Four ISDN BRI port (S/T interface)


Point-to-multipoint sharing1

Supported on Cisco 2600, 28002, 3600, 3700, and 3800 Series

Supported on Cisco 1841, 1941, 2800, 3800, 2900, and 3900 Series (see tables below)

Supported in NM-1FE2W-V2, NM-1FE1R2W, NM-2FE2W-V2, and NM-2W

Can not be inserted into a mixed-media network module

1Only when no bus loop power is consumed by any endpoint on the bus
2Except 2801

Product Specifications

Platform Support

Table 2 lists the routing platforms that support the Cisco 4-Port ISDN S/T interface HWIC.

Table 2. Platform Support Details



Supporting Platforms

Cisco 1841, 2801, 2811, 2821, 2851, 3825, 3845, 1941, 2901, 2911, 2921, 2951, 3925, and 3945.

Onboard HWIC Slots on all Platforms


Table 3 gives the maximum number of Cisco 4-Port ISDN HWICs per platform.

Table 3. Maximum Number of HWICs per Platform


Maximum Number of HWICs

Cisco 1841 and 2801


Cisco 1941, and 2901


Cisco 2811 through Cisco 2851, and Cisco 3825 through Cisco 3845


Cisco 2911 through Cisco 2951, and Cisco 3925 through Cisco 3945


Software Requirements

Table 4 gives the minimum Cisco IOS Software release required for the supporting platforms.

Table 4. Minimum Cisco IOS Software Release


Minimum Cisco IOS Software Release

Cisco IOS Software Feature Set

Cisco 1841, 2801, 2811, 2821, 2851, 3825, and 3845


IP Base and up

Cisco 1941, 2901, 2911, 2921, 2951, 3925, and 3945


IP Base and up

Ordering Information

Table 5 gives product ordering information for the Cisco 4-Port ISDN HWIC, and Table 6 lists hardware specifications.

Table 5. Ordering Information

Product Number



4-Port ISDN BRI S/T High-Speed WAN Interface Card

Hardware Specifications

Table 6. Hardware Specifications


Cisco 4-Port ISDN HWIC

ISDN Chipset



• Width: 2.80 inches
• Depth: 4.75 inches
• Height: 0.75 inches


0.45 lbs


B1 and B2 for ISDN channel status


Four RJ-45 ports

Safety, EMC, Telecom, Network Homologation, Power, Environmental Requirements, and Regulatory Approvals

When installed in a Cisco 1800, 1900, 2800, 2900, 3800 , and 3900 Series Integrated Services Router, the Cisco 4-Port ISDN HWIC does not change the standards (safety, EMC, telecom, network homologation, power, environmental requirements, and regulatory approvals) of the router itself. Refer to the following data sheets for additional information about mechanical, environmental, and agency certifications.

• Cisco 1800 Series (modular):

• Cisco 2800 Series:

• Cisco 3800 Series:

• Cisco 1900 Series (modular):

• Cisco 2900 Series:

• Cisco 3900 Series:

Country Support

Contact your local Cisco representative for country-specific approval status, or visit

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