Cisco Unified Contact Center Express

Experience Ease, Reliability, and Results in One Unified Contact Center Solution

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You should not have to sacrifice functions and reliability for ease and affordability in your small to midsize contact center. However, as expectations for companies to provide the highest-quality service continue to rise, these same companies are expected to meet these expectations using existing resources to maintain costs. Balancing increasing customer service demands while being smart about resource allocation is all the more essential for lean operations, particularly in today's dynamic customer service environments.

Cisco ® Unified Contact Center Express is built to strike that balance. You receive all the advantages of state-of-the-art customer service tools in one end-to-end solution:

• A highly secure, highly available, self-service and automatic-call-distributor (ACD) platform

• Sophisticated routing and next-generation customer interaction capabilities

• Comprehensive and clear performance dashboards and team management tools

• An intuitive, highly advanced scripting capability for the most demanding applications

Experience the reliability you expect from Cisco with the flexibility and ease you need to differentiate your customer service and advance your business.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

In today's customer care environment, customers expect to get the service they require using their channel of choice. Those who prefer to interact using voice expect to get through to an agent with the expertise and knowledge to help them get the information they need on the first call. Other customers may want to interact with your customer service team through web chat, email, social media, or video. Customers may also choose self-service for efficiently processing routine requests. In all cases, customers expect the customer service representative to understand the priority of their engagement and to be sufficiently skilled in the required subject matter.
Cisco Unified Contact Center Express is designed to provide this level of responsiveness. It provides sophisticated self-service with advanced multichannel queuing and routing to enable the contact center to collect the required information from the customer and from various databases to facilitate categorization and prioritization of customer contacts in a way that meets your business requirements. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express helps ensure that each contact is routed the first time to the right agent at the right location, regardless of the channel the customer chooses, to maximize first-call resolution.

Successful Customer Service

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express has evolved over the years to provide agents and supervisors with the tools they require, in the form of a customizable desktop, to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. When a call reaches an agent, Cisco Agent Desktop provides the agent with the customer context needed to provide excellent, personalized service. With minimal configuration - not programming - Cisco Agent Desktop integrates with any Microsoft Windows, web-based customer-relationship-management (CRM), or business application through a powerful computer-telephony-integration (CTI) workflow engine to pop customer records and other caller-entered information on the agent's desktop. Cisco Unified Presence enables real-time collaboration between agents, subject-matter experts outside the contact center, and supervisors. Supervisors can provide coaching and mentoring through the Cisco Supervisor Desktop application. This scenario not only allows them to positively affect customer service, it enhances the agent and supervisor experience, enabling agents to meet and exceed the business goals set for them in the contact center.

Proactive Customer Care

With the explosion of social media, businesses and organizations can benefit from proactively engaging with customers who use social media channels to ask for advice, or who may be voicing a concern about a product or service. The Cisco SocialMiner ® solution provides a social media customer care option that enables your company to proactively respond to customers and prospects through public social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook or other public forums or blogging sites. By providing social media monitoring, queuing, and workflow to organize customer posts on social media networks and deliver them to your customer care team, your company can respond to customers in real time through the same social network customers use to communicate. The Cisco SocialMiner application combined with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express can help your company enhance customer service, improve customer loyalty, add new customers, and protect your brand.
Contact center managers recognize that sometimes it is necessary to reach out to customers in order to guarantee satisfaction with the service. Cisco Outbound Option complements the powerful inbound call-handling capability of the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express platform by offering blended preview outbound dialing and outbound interactive-voice-response (IVR) capabilities. You can use customized campaigns to proactively reach out to customers to ask for input about a product or service, solicit new business, remind them of upcoming appointments, or provide important announcements. You can design outbound campaigns to meet the specific business requirements of your company while providing valuable information to customers and prospects.

Ensure Quality

In order to provide the best possible customer care, it is important for contact centers to have a program of continuous monitoring and improvement, especially for those agents in the early stages of acquiring familiarity and expertise with a business's often complex operations. Cisco Unified Workforce Optimization is a powerful Web 2.0-based set of applications, including Workforce Management, Quality Management, and a unique and powerful widget-based dashboard that provides a clear view of contact center performance in real time. Directly integrated with the Cisco Agent and Supervisor Desktops, users can tailor their work environment for personal efficiency. Quality Management software provides a quality evaluation solution with optional, advanced functions such as screen recording for agent performance optimization. Maintaining a finger on the pulse of your contact center operation enhances your returns and helps align its operation with your business goals.
In addition, call recording enables you to record calls based on your business rules, with either 100-percent recording or on-demand recording. Call recording allows you to pinpoint calls of interest to verify transactions, confirm compliance, and resolve disputes. Call recording is also an essential tool for training agents. You can record calls, score them, and then give the recordings to agents to help them understand what they did well and where they need improvement. You also can use these scored calls to identify required training for agents.

Reduce Costs

The best-run operations make smart management decisions based on careful planning, monitoring, and performance management. Cisco Unified Workforce Management allows contact center managers to efficiently develop schedules for multiple sites, manage critical performance indicators, and manage real-time adherence to schedules. A properly staffed contact center - neither too few nor too many agents - is critical to managing costs while maintaining the highest-quality customer service.

Comprehensive Reporting

Another area that is critically important to your contact center is reporting. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express offers both real-time and historical reporting, allowing you to track and report on every aspect of the activity in your contact center. Combined with quality management, reporting provides you with the data points to help you make informed hiring, staffing, and training decisions as well as the ability to identify problems in real time so you can correct them and keep your customer care operation running at peak efficiency.

All-in-One Solution

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express is an all-in-one solution that is easy to deploy, configure, and manage. Supporting up to 400 agents, it combines all the contact center functions that you would normally find in a high-end, enterprise-class solution, yet it is designed for a small to midsize contact center. In particular, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express is designed to be managed and administered in house with easy-to-use tools for creating call flows, managing skill groups, and designing your self-service application - thereby helping you manage costs in your contact center.

Investment Protection

Cisco's traditional and continuing emphasis on innovation, open standards, and nurturing an ecosystem of developer partners provides customers with the assurance that your investment in Cisco Unified Contact Center Express will allow you to enjoy a state-of-the-art customer care infrastructure for the foreseeable future. As users become increasingly comfortable with video as a communications channel, Cisco TelePresence ® and Cisco Unified Video Advantage applications connect callers to contact center agents or subject-matter experts through the skills-based routing and the integrated queuing functions that are core to Cisco Unified Contact Center Express. When connected, the agent can appear in life size on video displays for a highly effective, face-to-face customer service interaction. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express creates the intimacy of a one-on-one meeting, adding a level of connectedness between the parties that can lead to a more complete and better overall interaction between agents and customers.
Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Premium adds the ability to have true, sophisticated, and fully automated applications integrated with your agent-assisted contact interaction management. Cisco supports advanced self-service technologies such as automatic speech recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS), and Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML). A robust platform and ease of setup are just two of the reasons why Cisco's self-service IVR platform was named the industry "best" by CRM Magazine.

Why Cisco?

The functions you want, the flexibility you need, the reliability you have come to expect from Cisco. There is no better solution for small to midsize contact centers to manage customer interactions and the performance of their teams in one, unified solution.
Contact your Cisco representative or authorized Cisco partner today to schedule a personalized demonstration and experience for yourself what the next-generation contact center can offer your operations.
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