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Product Overview

From capturing agent profiles to changing parameters to meet current needs, Cisco® Unified Contact Center Management Portal (Unified CCMP) simplifies resource management whatever the size and scope of your Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (Unified CCE) deployment.

Management of resources, moves, adds, and changes has traditionally depended on both centralized and remote administration headcount and systems. As a result, implementation of changes could take days or even weeks. In an ever-changing contact center environment, often the requested changes are obsolete by the time they are implemented.

Cisco Unified CCMP transforms the contact center management process, empowering your team to get more from your Cisco Unified CCE deployment. An intuitive and secure web-based application, Cisco Unified CCMP allows supervisors and managers to meet complex and varying demands on the contact center in real time, making management of the contact center easier and more efficient than ever before.

Cisco Unified CCMP includes management of a variety of contact center resources, including the following examples:

   Agents: New and temporary agents (copying, managing, and re-skilling)

   Contacts: Call types, dialed numbers, enterprise skill groups, and labels

   Equipment: IP phones (including automatic creation of corresponding device targets), device profiles and phone templates, and directory numbers

   Audio: WAV audio file uploads

   Bulk upload: Agents, people, teams, skill groups, users, and folders

   User security: Roles, tasks, folders, users, groups, and passwords

Business Value

Cisco Unified CCMP gives your contact center management team the power of instant control. Accessed onscreen, supervisors can move, add, and change customer interaction resources to match fluctuating demand. With a few clicks of a mouse, managers can switch agents working in different areas of the contact center between different call queues, brands, product lines, and more. The simplicity of Cisco Unified CCMP helps ensure that your team can immediately implement decisions to help you deliver exceptional customer service.

Benefits of Cisco Unified CCMP include:

   Enhanced business agility by implementing changes within minutes, not days or weeks

   Empowered business users and improved management accountability

   Elimination of dependency on centralized and remote administration resources

   Reduced operating costs and total cost of ownership (TCO)

   Power, flexibility, and scalability without exposing users to the complexity of the underlying contact center technology

   A safe, partitioned environment with comprehensive audit reporting of all management and change activities

Table 1 lists the features and benefits of Cisco Unified CCMP.

Table 1.       Features and Benefits of Cisco Unified CCMP



Cisco Unified CCE and Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management

Manage both Cisco Unified CCE and Cisco Unified Communications Manager resources from a single, flexible, and secure user interface.

Web-based access

Browser-based access means that no additional client software is required.

High availability

Dual-sided resilience at each level of the application helps ensure constant availability.

Scale and capacity

Cisco Unified CCMP enables:

  Bulk uploads of resources
  Management of multiple Cisco Unified CCE systems
  Management of Cisco Unified CCE parent-child deployments


Enable access only to relevant resources to maintain continuity and security for multiple lines of business and outsourcer environments.


Provide secure partitioned management of multiple Cisco Unified CCE instances from a shared Cisco Unified CCMP instance.

Logging and auditing

Changes made to the contact center are fully tracked and audited.

Closed loop

Resources are synchronized so that changes made through other tools are reflected in the application.


Cisco Unified Contact Center Management Portal enables contact center managers and supervisors to make changes to your contact center operations quickly with an easy-to-use, secure application. The capability to manage your contact center in real time can help you meet your company's customer service goals, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and reduce costs.

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