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Today's contact center is about more than just handling inbound telephone calls-it is about fully integrated, multi-channel customer interaction. The Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Hosted Edition solutions enable your business to implement a single solution to transparently blend multiple communication channels, including voice, Web, and e-mail. This offers your customers the choice of interacting with your contact center via telephone, Web callback, Voice over IP (VoIP), text chat, or e-mail. To provide these alternatives to customers, Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise offer Cisco Web Collaboration Option, Cisco E-Mail Manager Option, Cisco Outbound Option, and Cisco Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Option as tightly integrated components.
The Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Editions are strategic platforms that enable customers to move into the next phase of customer contact-beyond today's Contact Center to a Customer Interaction Network. The Customer Interaction Network is a distributed, IP-based customer service infrastructure that comprises a continuously evolving suite of innovative, multi-channel services and customer relationship management applications. These services and applications provide enhanced responsiveness and streamlined customer exchanges to help your organization deliver superior customer service. A Customer Interaction Network extends customer service capabilities across the entire organization, giving your business a more integrated and collaborative approach to customer satisfaction-leading to a better customer experience.


Increasingly, customers have turned to Web sites to locate information about a company's products and services, to seek support, and to conduct transactions. In addition, customers want alternative ways-such as e-mail-to contact customer support centers and the volume of incoming e-mail interactions is growing tremendously. As more customers come to rely on e-mail for customer service and support inquiries, the challenge is to develop a cost-effective strategy that enables your contact center staff to quickly and accurately respond to every inquiry. Quick and accurate turnaround of inquiries translates into strengthened customer relationships, and added value and efficiency in the contact center.
Cisco E-Mail Manager Option is a comprehensive, enterprise-class solution for managing high volumes of customer inquiries submitted to company mailboxes-or e-mail submitted through your company's Web site-that will help you meet this challenge. Based on customizable business rules, the Cisco E-Mail Manager Option accelerates the response process by automatically directing messages to the most qualified agent or support team, categorizing and prioritizing messages, suggesting relevant response templates, and, if desired, sending automated replies.
A full-featured, browser-based interface provides your agents with the productivity tools, knowledge, and resources they need to provide fast, accurate, and personalized responses to your customers. Moreover, the Cisco E-Mail Manager Option delivers the queue management, reporting, and outbound marketing tools that managers need in order to ensure that desired service standards are met, gain valuable insight into customer needs, and generate new revenue opportunities.


Sophisticated business rules-Cisco E-Mail Manager business rules promote efficient and detailed processing of free-form e-mail, structured Web-forms, and other asynchronous media such as fax and voicemail. Because of the hierarchical and graphical rules building environment, call center supervisors or managers can easily create a sophisticated rule environment to match their internal business processes. In addition, these rules can be built without having to rely on costly IT or development support. Cisco E-Mail Manager rules environment includes automated messaging processing, which allows messages to be assigned to agents or teams, message prioritization and annotation, and offers automatic template suggestion to agents, auto acknowledgement, response, and text-pager notification.
Flexible productivity tools-Designed to improve productivity in the contact center, these tools enable the agent to efficiently and effectively respond to e-mail inquiries. A full-featured Web-based interface provides access to intuitive tools for reading, claiming, and responding to messages in the various queues. Templates for suggested or standard e-mail replies enable agents to insert suggested or standard replies directly into the response field for quick, authoritative, and consistent response creation. Other features include sender and thread communication history, template creation, spell check and queue management tools.
Extensive management tools-These tools provide managers and supervisors the capability to help them better manage resources in a busy call center environment. Powerful filtering and bulk message-management tools enable supervisors to adjust queue load based on message volume, time in queue, sender, and other message variables. A built-in reporting tool allows managers to generate reports on message traffic, system, agent and group performance, as well as customer inquiry trends. Finally, real-time monitoring provides current information on agent activity and performance and personal and skill group queue status, while queue status screens enable supervisors to closely monitor message queues to ensure that service-level goals are met.
Enterprise-ready design-Cisco E-Mail Manager Option is designed to provide an e-mail management system that is easy to install and configure with the powerful tools and scalability for enterprise-wide implementations. More than 100 configurable user role settings, response options, and mail-access permissions enable the system to accommodate the disparate needs of a large user base within a single or enterprise-wide implementation. Cisco E-Mail Manager Option offers an open application programming interface (API) that enables customers or third parties to readily integrate Cisco E-Mail Manager with customer relationship management (CRM) packages and other external data sources.


Contact center solutions can help your company dramatically improve customer service and increase business efficiencies. It is critical that your contact center be correctly deployed and effectively operated to help provide optimal contact center performance and improve customer satisfaction.
Cisco and its partners can help you deploy a robust, dependable contact center solution by taking a lifecycle approach that addresses all aspects of deploying a multifaceted solution including people, processes, and technology. Whether you are transitioning your existing contact center solution to an IP-based contact center or deploying a new IP contact center, this approach helps ensure alignment of business and technical goals at each of the six phases of the solution lifecycle: prepare, plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize.
Cisco services are available through various service programs designed to help accelerate customer success throughout the network lifecycle. For more information about Cisco services for the contact center, visit or contact your local account representative.


Whether you are building a customer-support system from the ground up or integrating with existing organizational structures and traditional systems, the uniquely flexible, extensible, and scalable design of the Cisco E-Mail Manager Option delivers a cost-effective, easy-to-implement strategy for building customer relationships over the Internet. When implemented as part of your contact center solution, the Cisco E-Mail Manager Option adds a key channel for your customers to interact with your company representatives-continuing the evolution toward a true Customer Interaction Network.