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SNMP Notification Module for Cisco Digital Media Manager 5.4 Data Sheet

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The Power of Engagement: Cisco Digital Signage is a complete, platform for interactive media experiences. Now you can easily deliver and manage applications to communicate, connect, and engage. Imagine delivering compelling and interactive media to any store, bank, manufacturing floor, or hospital, to engage customers and employees in a whole new way.

The scalable, network-based Cisco Digital Signage platform includes endpoints, management, and services. On top of this, Cisco’s diverse partner ecosystem tailors your deployment to your needs. This gives you new opportunities to create a consistent user experience across multiple channels, increase revenue and maximize operational efficiency.

Cisco SNMP Notification Module

The Cisco SNMP Notification Module of the Cisco Digital Media Manager provides the ability for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)-based network management applications to access a variety of Cisco DMS configuration and status information as well as accept various Cisco Digital Media Player (DMP) status alert messages through the SNMP protocol.

With the Cisco SNMP Notification Module, network administrators can access critical configuration, inventory, and licensing information about various Cisco Digital Signage applications and products. Network administrators can also subscribe to and receive important Cisco Digital Media Player status alerts that facilitate a timely and proactive response to potential operating problems.

Note:    The Cisco Digital Media Manager server provides the Cisco Digital Media Player alerts through SNMP. There is currently no direct Cisco Digital Media Player SNMP support.

SNMP Module Queries

The Cisco SNMP Notification Module provides read-only access to three different types of SNMP MIB groups, including (refer to Figure 1):

   Cisco DMS System Group: Overall version information for Cisco Digital Signage

   Cisco DMS Features Group: Information about all the current Cisco Digital Signage licenses, including module names and license limits

   Cisco DMS Inventory Group: List of connected Cisco Digital Media Players

Figure 1.      Cisco SNMP Notification Module MIBs

You can obtain this information from a variety of network management applications and PC-based SNMP MIB browsers.

Cisco Digital Media Player Status Alerts

The Cisco Digital Media Manager (Figure 2) includes an administrator console that allows you to define alert-notification actions for various application and Cisco Digital Media Player events. The Cisco SNMP Notification Module interfaces with the Cisco Digital Media Manager administrator console and provides various Cisco Digital Media Player alerts to a SNMP console server or browser, including:

   DMP Up: A new or existing Cisco Digital Media Player becomes operational.

   DMP Down: A Cisco Digital Media Player is not accessible and inoperable.

   DMP Registered: A new Cisco Digital Media Player has been added.

   DMP IP Address Conflict: The same IP address is configured on two different Cisco Digital Media Players.

Figure 2.      Cisco Digital Media Manager

Product Specifications

Table 1 gives requirements for the Cisco SNMP Notifications Module.

Table 1.       Cisco SNMP Notifications Module Requirements



SNMP version support

SNMPv2c and SNMPv1

Third-party network management and MIB browser applications

SNMP protocol support

Cisco Digital Media Manager

Version 5.4

Ordering Information

Table 2 provides software upgrades information for the Cisco Digital Media Manager.

Table 2.       Software Upgrades

Product Name

Part Number

Cisco Digital Media Manager V5.3-V5.4 Perptl. SW Lic. Update


Cisco Digital Media Player 4310 Firmware Version 5.4 Update


Cisco Digital Media Player 4400 Firmware Version 5.4 Update


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