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Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience for DX600 Series Unlock the Potential of your People Solution Overview

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What You Will Learn

Supporting the capacity to innovate is at the forefront of business priorities, according to PwC's 15th annual Global CEO survey[1]. Businesses in every industry are looking to innovate in multiple areas. They want to:

Build competitive differentiation through new services for customers

Reduce costs with new, more efficient processes

Grow the company by forming new strategic alliances

Promoting innovation in today's global marketplace requires new levels of collaboration - and that is one reason why Frost & Sullivan[2] has cited a growing interest in a new class of collaborative desktop endpoints and why Cisco is introducing the Cisco® Smart Desk portfolio with the Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience DX600 Series (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Cisco Smart Desk Phone: The Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience DX600 Series (Cisco DX650 Pictured)


How We Work Is Evolving

According to a global survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, “The demands of a distributed globalized marketplace have altered the way organizations communicate with colleagues, suppliers, partners, and customers who may be separated by long distances”. Sponsored by Cisco, the study assessed 862 business leaders’ sentiments about the value of in-person (face-to-face) meetings and their impact on more than 30 business processes.

The study found that businesses are increasingly exposed by limited in-person communication options, because more than 60 percent of communications today do not occur in real time. The inability to discern the level of engagement and focus through visual and audio cues puts businesses at risk, especially on major projects and strategic initiatives.

The study also showed that 53 percent of business leaders strongly agree that video enables richer, more productive relationships with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. Business leaders are convinced that video collaboration helps:

Resolve problems more efficiently

Generate long-term relationships

Create opportunities to innovate

As a result, companies are looking for ways to use video collaboration to make:

Virtual meetings more effective

Virtual teams more productive

Virtual expertise more accessible

Although there continues to be keen interest in mobile collaboration, there is also increasing focus on collaboration from the desk. Top analysts - including Gartner[3], Forrester[4], and Frost & Sullivan[5] - have all cited growing interest in a new class of multipurpose desktop endpoints that go beyond basic voice communications.

High-quality video communications tops the list of desired desktop functions. For example, of the more than 1000 firms surveyed by Forrester, the majority (almost 60 percent) said they plan to adopt desktop videoconferencing to improve virtual meetings. According to Forrester:

Executives want video for better work-life balance.

Managers want it to be able to see their direct reports.

Multicultural organizations want it to foster the trust and improved communication that comes with the ability to read the body language of remote team members.

According to the Aberdeen Group, high-quality video collaboration accelerates strategic projects, reducing project times by up to 2 weeks[6]. And the ability for a subject-matter expert to close a sale with a prospect almost doubles when video collaboration is added (versus audio only)[7].

A New Desktop Collaboration Experience for a New Era in Business Communications

The Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience DX600 Series was designed to bring together high-quality video collaboration, unified communications, and real-time conferencing required by today's enterprise. (Figure 2). It is a Cisco Smart Desk Phone - built to meet the demands of people who must collaborate effectively even though they are separated by long distances.

Figure 2. Attending Virtual Meetings Is as Easy as Making a Phone Call with the Cisco DX650 Endpoint


Here are just a few of the exciting capabilities the Cisco DX650 delivers:

High-definition (up to 1080p at 30 frames per second [fps] personal desktop video with Cisco Unified IP Phones, Cisco TelePresence® System EX Series and room systems, and Cisco Jabber interoperability

Out-of-the-box, integrated access to Cisco Collaboration applications, such as Cisco WebEx® meeting applications for real-time web conferencing and the Cisco Jabber messaging platform for presence and instant messaging (IM), along with the comprehensive suite of features from Cisco Unified Communications (Figure 3)

Personalization and customization options made possible by the Android Operating System, an open development platform

Tighter integration with personal mobile devices, enabling sharing of contacts lists and call histories, and even moving active calls from the smartphone to the Cisco DX650 Smart Desk Phone when at the desk

Figure 3. The Cisco DX600 Series Delivers Easy Access to a Wide Range of Platform Services

Propel Productivity

The Cisco DX600 Series uniquely blends mission-critical business communications with the intuitive touch-screen navigation and innovative personalization options of mobile consumer smartphones. The result is an evolutionary Cisco Smart Desk endpoint that builds on Cisco's expertise in enterprise communications with a revolutionary experience that has the power to transform workflows and fuel innovation (Figure 4).

Figure 4. The Cisco DX650 IP Endpoint Uniquely Blends Business Communications with Consumer Device Experiences

Your business can move beyond traditional IP communications with the multi-utility capabilities of the Cisco DX600 Series. A full range of Cisco Unified Communications features includes:

Contact Badges: You can drag favorite and frequent contacts from the directory to your personalized home screen. Then, with a simple touch, you can instantly reach the contacts you need by multimodal (voice, video, email, and instant messaging) communications using the Contact Badges feature (Figure 5).

Mobile contacts and call history sharing: Bringing the worlds of personal mobile devices, such as smartphones, closer together with Cisco Smart Desk Phones, the Cisco DX650 enables you to share contacts and call histories, in addition to transferring active calls from your mobile device to your DX650, when at the desk through Bluetooth, for added convenience and enhanced productivity. This is accomplished using Cisco’s Intelligent Proximity capabilities.

Single Number Reach: All inbound callers, including colleagues, customers, partners, or suppliers, can be given one number to reach you. Whether at a desk using the DX650 or when traveling and using personal mobile devices, you can be reached easily.

Multiuser login: The DX650 also supports different user profiles from the same endpoint[8]. You can access your personal contact lists call logs, and more. This capability makes the DX650 ideal for shared workspace environments such as nurse stations, retail banking, and customer care centers (Figure 6).

Figure 5. Contact Badges Accelerate Communications


Figure 6. The Cisco DX650 Can Support Multiuser Profiles


The Cisco DX650 transforms workflows by making every aspect of communications and tasks more efficient and productive. You can:

Make video calls as easily as voice calls: Touch-screen navigation simplifies audio, video, and web conferencing.

Bring team members together effortlessly: Customize home screens with “favorite contacts”, presented as visual tiles, or other Android application widgets.

Communicate with clarity: Use the wideband audio handset, speakerphone, or headset (Bluetooth or USB) for high-fidelity voice communications. Use the built-in high-definition (HD) video camera or an approved USB webcam, such as Logitech's C920-C, for exceptional HD video communications.

Videoconference with all your contacts: Interoperability with H.264 standards-based video endpoints means you can have videoconferences with:

- Cisco TelePresence personal desktop video endpoints and room systems

- Cisco Unified IP Phones that support video, such as the Cisco Unified IP Phone 8900 and 9900 Series endpoints

- PCs or consumer mobile devices using Cisco WebEx and video-enabled Cisco Jabber applications

- Other users on Cisco DX650 endpoints

- Third-party endpoints supporting the H.264 AVC video standard

Multitask with ease: Support for dual independent displays (Figure 7) lets you multitask with different application content presented on an adjacent, optional LCD monitor. For example, you can send a colleague an instant message with the Cisco Jabber messaging integration platform while sharing content in a Cisco WebEx Meeting Center conference. You also can “mirror” content on both displays (that is, you can display the same content on both the DX650 display and on the adjacent LCD monitor). The LCD monitor is connected to the DX650 through a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port for high-resolution performance with up to 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution[9].

Instantly access social media: Easily monitor business conversations and view streamed video on corporate and personal social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Share contacts and call histories from your personal mobile device to the DX650, through Bluetooth, for added convenience and increased productivity with Cisco’s Intelligent Proximity.

Figure 7. Cisco DX650 Smart Desk Endpoint Is the Only Android Desktop Device That Supports Dual Independent Displays


Simplify Collaboration and Transform Workflows

With the Cisco DX650, industry-leading Cisco Collaboration applications, such as the Cisco WebEx and Cisco Jabber solutions, are integrated and fully functional right out of the box. This integration means you can:

Easily schedule and join audio and videoconferences

Start an individual or group chat with WebEx® meeting participants

Share videos and view shared documents in real time to accelerate decision making

Cisco Jabber integration on the DX650 delivers secure, business-grade integrated presence and instant messaging. This powerful combination allows you to reach out to subject-matter experts (SMEs) and quickly determine if and when colleagues are available. Presence and instant messaging help you “cut through” the email clutter, increasing your responsiveness and productivity (Figure 8).

Figure 8. Cisco Jabber Integration Allows You to Connect with Subject-Matter Experts Instantly


Deep integration on the DX650 accelerates every collaborative experience and can transform workflows. You can:

Initiate voice and video calls from the phone dialer (Figure 9)

View a colleague’s presence status from email received in your inbox

Escalate a Jabber® IM conversation into a WebEx meeting

Schedule and start WebEx meetings directly from your calendar

View screen sharing with live annotations on the DX600 Series display or in dual-independent-displays mode

Figure 9. You Can Initiate Calls Directly from the Dialpad and by Touch with the Phone Dialer

By collaboration-enabling workflows with the Cisco DX650, you can profoundly change the way work gets done, giving your business the ability to:

Accelerate sales, product, and decision cycles

Differentiate services and enhance customer satisfaction

Achieve sustainable competitive advantage

Reach for the Cloud

As more businesses begin to embrace the cloud, the Cisco DX650 is positioned to support your employees. The DX650 comes standard with Android and Google browsers, enabling you to access cloud services from Cisco as well as third-party cloud services. You also have access to the ecosystem of Android applications, available from cloud-based commercial marketplaces such as Google Play and Amazon (Figure 10).

Figure 10. With Support for Cloud Applications and Services, the Cisco DX650 Can Further Enhance ROI


Personalized Experiences

You can easily customize the Cisco DX650 to reflect your unique communications needs and collaborative work style. You can add personal touches that are popular with consumer mobile smartphones, such as customizing your home screen and ringtone. You can further personalize it with Android widgets from Cisco and third-party Android apps, such as personal contact directories (if permitted by corporate IT). You can share contacts and call histories from your personal mobile device, through Bluetooth, with the Cisco DX650. You can take advantage of the same apps you have on your Android-based mobile devices, including Google mail for email, YouTube for streamed video, for sales and customer relationship management, and many more. The Android OS also makes it easy for businesses to create their own custom applications, accelerating and simplifying business processes.

Flexibly Meet the Collaborative Needs of a Wide Variety of Users

The Cisco DX650 is ideal for staff members who work at a desk, either full or part time, and who regularly interact with geographically dispersed colleagues, subject-matter experts, partners, suppliers, and customers. Work spaces can be located in a corporate headquarters, branch or home offices, or open office environments (Figure 11). Users can include:

Senior and midlevel executives

Information workers

Task workers within shared workspaces, such as contact center agents, bank tellers, and nurses

Figure 11. The Cisco DX650 Can Help You Empower Some of Your Most Important People

Here are some of the many ways the Cisco DX650 can help encourage dynamic collaboration for the individuals shown in Figure 11:

Irene, Supply Chain Manager: Primary communications for this information worker are with partners and suppliers. Irene quickly coordinates virtual meetings with impromptu and on-demand collaboration capabilities such as video and web conferencing, IM, and presence. With HD video communications, Irene can forge tighter relationships with key suppliers and eliminate misunderstandings on critical sourcing discussions. She also uses social networking tools for brainstorming with strategic partners to help grow the business and streamline operations.

Dave, IT Director: Interactions for this midlevel executive commonly occur with colleagues. Dave uses desktop video for project kick-off meetings, discussions about major concerns, and crisis management. High-quality audio and video helps speed decision making and establish good relationships with direct reports - even if they are located in a different country. Dave regularly uses the integrated presence to identify, locate, and instantly connect with experts, because it speeds time to problem resolution.

Sally, VP Sales: This senior executive collaborates primarily with customers and colleagues. High-quality audio and video communications help her better handle tactical, day-to-day, and strategic meetings because she can respond to both visual and audio cues. She uses integrated presence and IM to locate experts quickly and invite them into video calls. These more effective “in-person” communications also help her resolve problems more efficiently and capitalize on opportunities to sell additional products and services.

Reena, Contact Center Representative: This task worker shares her workspace with other contact center representatives. Collaborative care helps Reena quickly resolve customer concerns. She uses powerful, customizable collaborative care applications, such as the Cisco Finesse® next-generation agent and supervisor desktop from the cloud, which gives her the information and resources she needs to handle urgent requests from important customers. Virtualized applications such as Cisco Social Miner enable Reena to proactively respond to prospective and existing customers through the social media channels they use. These and other collaborative tools help increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Collaborate with the Best

The new era in enterprise communications requires best-in-class communications, collaboration, video, and IP endpoint capabilities. Cisco delivers in all areas:

Cisco Unified Communications Manager is the most widely deployed unified communications platform with more than 100 million connected devices deployed worldwide. Cisco has been named a leader in Gartner’s 2012 Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications.

Ninety-five percent of the Fortune 500 use Cisco Collaboration solutions.

Cisco has shipped up to five times more IP phones than its nearest competitor.

Cisco solutions are interoperable for investment protection. And they are proven - more than 200,000 customers around the world rely on Cisco for their business-critical communications every day.

Choose Cisco

Equipping key people in your organization with dynamic collaboration capabilities can accelerate revenue opportunities, shorten customer service cycles, reduce time to market, and help your company adapt more quickly to market changes. The Cisco DX650 is capable of facilitating new workflows for employee collaboration. It is an innovative, Smart Desk endpoint that brings together Cisco core competencies in unified communications and HD video and web conferencing, with the right blend of consumer device experiences including one-touch interactions, personalization options, and access to commercial applications. This unique blend of mission-critical business communications and user-friendly features gives you the power to accelerate innovation in your organization.

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[8] Number of multiuser profiles supported depends on the breadth of each user’s profile, because these profiles are stored in DX650 Series device memory for quicker access. In the most extreme case, the limit would be three users sharing a DX650 endpoint, based on a profile consumption of 2 MB each.

[9]The exact resolution received is monitor-vendor dependent and thus may vary by user or customer.