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Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Cisco UCS Manager Data Sheet

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Introduction to Cisco Enterprise Scheduling and Adapters

IT operations that focus on business process automation involve integration of a wide range of custom and enterprise applications and the infrastructure on which they run, often with complex interdependencies. In such environments, IT typically uses workload scheduling solutions to control batch and event-based data processing and infrastructure operations. These are vital to the success of sales, manufacturing, and financial-management business tasks.

Cisco® Tidal Enterprise Scheduler (TES) has defined standards for workload usability, scalability, and breadth of coverage. The role of the many adapters available for Cisco TES is to make connectivity, control, and visibility of diverse technologies accessible directly through the Cisco TES user interface. The breadth of coverage these adapters provide simplifies end-to-end scheduling of processes across the enterprise.

Product Overview

Managing Complex Component Infrastructure in the Enterprise

Data center resource management has become difficult, time-consuming, and error-prone. It requires careful coordination among a number of subject-matter experts, including server, network, and storage administrators. Today, even in organizations striving to move toward methodologies based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) concepts, administrators often must use separate element managers to configure each component manually. Cisco UCS® Manager provides unified and embedded management of all software and hardware components of the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS). It integrates computing, networking, storage access, and virtualization resources in a single, cohesive system.

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Cisco UCS Manager

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Cisco UCS Manager allows users to schedule Cisco UCS Manager component infrastructure jobs through Cisco TES. They can use its capabilities to automate, simplify, and improve job scheduling and workload performance. The adapter integrates with Cisco UCS Manager using the XML API. It automates Cisco UCS Manager activities for blade and rack server management in the form of Cisco UCS Manager jobs.

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Cisco UCS Manager enables users of Cisco TES to run a set of Cisco UCS Manager processes through a single point of control. The adapter allows users to connect Cisco UCS server operations to enterprise workloads and define them as part of a business process. It also allows them to define and use Cisco UCS server events. Users can schedule and run business processes, manage their required server resources, and incorporate them into the data processing environment. In this way, Cisco TES and its adapter for Cisco UCS Manager can help reduce operating costs by optimizing server resources and administrative efficiency.

How Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Cisco UCS Manager Works

Cisco UCS Manager exposes full-featured XML API objects, providing powerful ways to customize the behavior of Cisco UCS. This allows Cisco TES to add, reboot, shut down, and reset Cisco UCS server instances. Through the adapter’s easy-to-use interface, users can choose servers from a list of service profiles or use the management tree interface to visually locate individual servers in the data center.

Users can schedule workflows from the Cisco TES browser-based and Java console, which provides comprehensive scheduling features. These include detailed calendaring, events management, and access to enterprise-wide dependencies.

Ultimately, Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Cisco UCS Manager, in conjunction with Cisco TES, allows organizations to use their existing technology and investment in Cisco UCS Manager. The combination enables them to increase efficiency and focus resources on strategic business initiatives.

Main Requirements

Although specific planning and sizing are straightforward, actual requirements can vary by enterprise, depending on the environment and type of coverage needed. Specific requirements information is easily obtainable after an initial conversation with a product expert. Cisco TES and its adapters can be installed and deployed by users or by engaging Cisco Services. In addition, online materials are available through Cisco Knowledge Services.

About Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler

Cisco TES increases efficiency by centralizing tasks and providing a single view of cross-enterprise job scheduling events. This powerful yet easy-to-use solution enables organizations to assemble complex batch job and business process schedules that span the enterprise. With its capability to closely monitor scheduled jobs, automatically detect problems, and define actions to aid in recovery, Cisco TES can greatly enhance business process performance.

With the broad coverage provided by Cisco TES, IT operations teams can effectively schedule processes that touch a wide range of databases, systems, and applications. They can also easily incorporate and manage new applications as they come online. This helps improve the operation of mission-critical business processes as the enterprise expands and evolves.

Companies in a variety of industries rely on Cisco TES to keep their daily operations running smoothly. Cisco’s enterprise job scheduling software combined with Cisco’s performance management solutions can deliver even greater levels of automation and optimization to the data center than conventional scheduling and performance management solutions.

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