Cisco Small Business FindIT Network Discovery Utility

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Provides a Quick and Easy View of the Small Business Network

Finding even basic information about the devices in your small business network can be difficult. Determining the IP address assigned to a particular piece of equipment can mean a search through notebooks or a nonintuitive device manager. Even finding a serial number, often needed when making a support call, can mean a trip to the equipment closet to look at the device itself.

The Cisco® FindIT Network Discovery Utility simplifies your search for this basic information by adding an intuitive toolbar to your web browser. Cisco FindIT automatically discovers Cisco Small Business products in your network and displays the information you need for management, troubleshooting, or adding a new component to your network - such as device status, serial number, hardware or software version, and IP address. The FindIT toolbar also serves as a central point for launching Cisco network applications and for reaching Cisco for information and support.

Figure 1. Cisco FindIT Toolbar


The Cisco FindIT Network Discovery Utility includes:

Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers

Automatic discovery and display of information about select Cisco Small Business devices on the network, including device type, serial number, hardware and firmware version, and IP and/or MAC address

Automatic discovery and display of new firmware updates, and download updates to the PC with just a few clicks

An “Applications” button to launch Cisco network applications from the web browser

A “Cisco” button with direct links to the Cisco Small Business Support Center and Support Community

Customization options to enable partners to add links to further improve the user experience


The Cisco FindIT Network Discovery Utility will enable you to:

View basic information about devices in your network:

Rolling over the device name in the list of discovered devices displays the model number, device type, basic description, firmware and hardware version, MAC address, and serial number.

Launch the device manager:

Click on the device name and launch the device manager to see additional detail and to make changes to the device configuration.

Get Firmware Updates:

FindIT automatically notifies you when firmware updates are available for your devices. Click on the icon to download the firmware to your PC.

Reach Cisco support:

Clicking on the “Cisco” button provides direct links to the Cisco Small Business Support Center and Cisco Small Business Support Community.

System Requirements

Table 1 shows system requirements for the FindIT Network Discovery Utility.

Table 1. System Requirements

Operating system

Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (Internet Explorer only), Windows 7 or Windows 8

Apple Macintosh OS X 10.8 or 10.9


Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, or 11

Mozilla Firefox 26 or ESR 24

Ordering Information

Cisco FindIT may be downloaded at no charge at

Cisco Services

Support for the Cisco FindIT Network Discovery Utility may be found in the Cisco Small Business Support Community at

For More Information

For more information about the Cisco FindIT Network Discovery Utility, visit