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Cisco Network Registrar 7.1

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Cisco® Network Registrar® 7.1 is a full-featured Domain Name System (DNS)/Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) system that provides naming and addressing services for service provider and large enterprise networks. Cisco Network Registrar provides scalable DNS and DHCP services for millions of devices in cable networks and forms the basis of a DOCSIS® cable modem provisioning system and a DSL service network. Additionally, Cisco Network Registrar continues to play an important role in service activation for data, voice-over-IP (VoIP), and mobile services.

The scalable deployment architecture of Cisco Network Registrar consists of several local clusters and one regional cluster. The local cluster is deployed in the network to handle DNS and DHCP services; whereas the regional cluster is usually deployed at the data center or the network operations center (NOC) to centrally manage the local clusters.
The regional cluster implements many IP address management (IPAM) features to help users reduce operational costs. With IPAM, Cisco Network Registrar administrators can control and monitor DNS and DHCP servers from a centralized location. This capability eliminates many manual, repetitive, and error-prone tasks in configuring the local servers deployed in the network and allows for a single point of data aggregation and delegation.
Cisco Network Registrar 7.1 introduces new features for improved usability, better performance and service resilience, and better DHCP integration capabilities.

New Features

• Dynamic Lease Notification

With Dynamic Lease Notification, customers can have external systems notified whenever Cisco Network Registrar issues a lease. This feature is used in lawful intercept solutions and long-term storage of customer data for regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

• Discriminating Rate-Limiter

The patent-pending Discriminating Rate-Limiter reduces downtime after outage in very large service networks by restricting the rate of Discover requests while still honoring all Renew requests.

• Performance improvements

Protocol implementation improvements that enhance query performance of the DNS server. Improvements to the DNS vulnerability fix that enhance query performance. DHCP reservation system improvements that enhance reliability and performance of this mechanism.

• Dashboard improvements

Cisco Network Registrar now provides end users the ability to select and persist dashboard default chart types.

• User management improvements

The fine-grained role-based system now includes the ability to define administrative roles at the scope/prefix and link levels of DHCP. Also administrator password changes are now synchronized between regional and local clusters.

• EDNS0 support

Added support in the DNS implementation for Extension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS0) as defined in RFC 2671 (not including request forwarding).

• DNS blackhole support

The DNS server can now be configured to avoid interaction with misbehaving or unresponsive remote name servers and clients.

• New platform support

Cisco Network Registrar is now optimized to use multicore processors. It is certified to run on 64-bit variants of the supported OS versions, and Red Hat Version 5 was added to the list of supported OSs.

Ordering Information

Table 1 lists ordering information for Cisco Network Registrar. There are two ordering alternatives for Cisco Network Registrar, normal delivery and eDelivery. With eDelivery customers can get license keys by email and download the software from the web. Customes that choose normal delivery method will get CDs and printed license keys by mail. The eDelivery SKUs begin with "L" while normal delivery SKUs do not. To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering Homepage. To download software, visit the Cisco Software Center.

Table 1. Ordering Information for Physical Delivery Method

Product Number

Product Description


Nwk Reg 7.1, base license/kit, all pltfms, 1K IP nodes


Nwk Reg 7.1, add 5K IP nodes, lic-only


Nwk Reg 7.1, add 10K IP nodes, lic-only


Nwk Reg 7.1, add 25K IP nodes, lic-only


Nwk Reg 7.1, add 50K IP nodes, lic-only


Nwk Reg 7.1, add 100K IP nodes, lic-only


Nwk Reg 7.1, add 500K IP nodes, lic-only


Nwk Reg 7.1, add 1M IP nodes, lic-only


Nwk Reg 7.1, add 2M IP nodes, lic-only


Nwk Reg 7.1, ver upg, bse lic/kit, all pltfms, 1K


Nwk Reg, 7.1 ver upg, 5K, all pltfm, lic only


Nwk Reg, 7.1, ver upg, 10K, all pltfm, lic only


Nwk Reg, 7.1 ver upg, 25K, all pltfm, lic only


Nwk Reg 7.1, ver upg, add 50K IP nodes, lic-only


Nwk Reg, 7.1, ver upg, 100K, all pltfm, lic only


Nwk Reg 7.1, ver upg, add 500K IP, lic-only kit


Nwk Reg, 7.1, ver upg, 1M, all pltfm, lic only


Nwk Reg 7.1, add 2M IP nodes, lic-only

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