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Cisco NetFlow Collector 6.0

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Cisco® announces Cisco NetFlow Collector (NFC) 6.0. Cisco NFC offers a NetFlow data collection and aggregation tool that provides a centralized view for data analysis and reporting. Cisco NFC empowers enterprises and service providers with actionable intelligence to optimize their network infrastructure for application delivery and network capacity planning. In addition, Cisco NFC is a critical enabler for business support applications such as usage-based billing and service-level objective (SLO) monitoring.

Cisco NFC delivers industry-leading performance for helping enable network engineers to cope with the high-volume flow data typical in large networks. It implements a scalable multitier architecture for collecting, normalizing, correlating, and aggregating data from NetFlow-enabled devices dispersed across geographically distributed networks. The architecture comprises two layers: Cisco NFC as the first tier and Cisco Multi-NFC (MNFC) as the new tier-two component. Cisco MNFC adds network-level correlation and time-based summarization, providing a central view for all distributed Cisco NFC implementations in the network. Typically, Cisco MNFC is deployed at the administrative control point of the network.
In keeping with the latest Cisco NetFlow enhancements, Cisco NFC supports all NetFlow formats. It also supports correlation across multiple data sources such as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering for Virtual Route Forwarding (VRF) resolution. In addition to supporting a large selection of predefined aggregation schemes, Cisco NFC offers the flexibility for users to define their own aggregation schemes. Configuration and traffic reports are delivered through an advanced user-friendly Web interface.
Table 1 lists the new features available with Cisco NFC 6.0.

Table 1. Cisco NetFlow Collector 6.0 Features



Cisco NetFlow Collector 6.0, Tier One

Threshold setting

The user can pick and choose threshold parameters for further correlation analysis. When a condition occurs, Cisco NFC 6.0 sends a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap to the northbound application.

Raw flow forwarding-"flow through"

Currently, NetFlow Data Export (NDE) can export flows to two collectors simultaneously. Users can leverage Cisco NFC 6.0 to forward raw flows (just like NDE) to multiple NetFlow applications.

SNMP trap

Added-value features for integrating with northbound applications.

FlexLM licensing

Node-locked licensing offers ease of administration.

Health monitor

GUI view for monitoring Cisco NFC server resource utilization and health indicators.

Performance enhancement

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Flexible NetFlow (FNF)

FNF is the next generation of NetFlow. It increases scalability and flexibility of NetFlow deployment. FNF offers configurable flow information to perform customized traffic identification.

Cisco Multi-NFC 6.0, Tier Two

Data summarization

Allows aggregation of NetFlow data over periods exceeding 15 minutes

Data correlation

Correlates both NetFlow and non-NetFlow data

Tier-one-compatible reporting

Supports generic reports similar to Cisco NFC 6.0 tier one

Scheduled reporting

Includes a scheduler for report execution

NF-Egress-Packets lost and site in and out traffic summary

Monitors packets lost from IP-IP flows. The capability can used to monitor points of failure in the network.


Provides traffic statistics between two IP networks. Cisco MNFC 6.0 is the first in the market to provide this capability for its enterprise and service provider customers.

Correlation traffic summary VPN/VRF

Provides a view of traffic statistics for each VPN based on each VRF. Users can classify and report site-to-site and non-VPN/VPN traffic summarization.


Provides centralized storage of all data from multiple distributed Cisco NFC collectors.

FlexLM licensing

Node-locked licensing offers ease of administration.


Cisco NetFlow Collector (NFC) 6.0 and Cisco Multi-NFC (MNFC) 6.0 will be available June 08, 2007. Customers who want to purchase this product can place orders through their normal sales channels beginning May 30, 2007.

Ordering Information

Table 2 contains ordering information. To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering Home Page. To download software, visit the Cisco Software Center.

Table 2. Ordering Information

Product Name

Part Number

Cisco NetFlow Collector (NFC) 6.0 - Tier one


Cisco Multi-NFC (MNFC) 6.0 - Tier two


Service and Support

Technical support services are orderable on these products through Cisco Software Application Support (SAS) programs. Service part numbers can be found in the online ordering tools and price lists at

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