Cisco Monitor Director

Cisco Monitor Director 1.1: A Cisco VAR Managed Service Provider (MSP) Solution

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The surge of growth in the small and medium-business (SMB) segment of the networking market has created huge revenue potential for Cisco® partners and managed service providers. More than 90 percent of the world's economy consists of SMBs, making the impact of this segment huge. Cisco managed service providers can seize this opportunity by moving away from the reactive break-and-fix model and becoming proactive "trusted advisors" for their SMB customers. For partners to survive, they would need to support a high number of SMBs, helping them to migrate to advanced voice services with efficiency and quick turnarounds.

Solution Overview

Cisco VAR Managed Service Provider Solution is a comprehensive management application designed solely for the SMB market. This solution encompasses two complementary components-Cisco Monitor Manager 1.1 and Cisco Monitor Director 1.1. The combination of these two applications offers an economical and scalable migration path for Cisco partners in order to migrate to managed services. The offering startup package enables partners to remotely monitor up to 5 SMB customers economically and scale to supporting up to 50 SMBs as partner business expands.
Deployed at the partner location, Cisco Monitor Director 1.1 is a centralized, proactive network management application for Cisco managed service providers planning to offer 24-hour, proactive voice and data network monitoring and management services to their SMB customers. It works in conjunction with the Cisco Monitor Manager application, which is deployed at many SMB corporate headquarters and remote offices. Cisco Monitor Manager collects customer network data and reports it back over a secure communication channel to Cisco Monitor Director, giving managed service providers secure access and visibility into the customers' networks. With this solution deployed, managed service providers have full visibility into their SMB customers' networks and can proactively anticipate network issues before they affect their customers' businesses. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. Cisco Monitor Manager with Cisco Monitor Director

Cisco VAR Managed Service Provider Solution Features and Benefits

Table 1 lists the features and benefits of Cisco VAR MSP Solution.

Table 1. Features and Benefits



Ease of use and low initial investment

• Purpose-built for VARs offering managed services to SMB customers
• Intuitive and easy to use
• Low-cost initial deployment

Distributed and scalable architecture

• Cisco Monitor Director scales to communicate with up to 50 instances of Cisco Monitor Manager.

Central dashboard

• Cisco Monitor Director provides a consolidated view of all customer sites being monitored by Cisco Monitor Manager.

Integrated license report

• Cisco Monitor Director monitors and reports the license status and license expiration dates of all Cisco Monitor Manager implementations at SMB locations.


• VAR managed services-The Cisco Monitor Manager software operates in conjunction with Cisco Monitor Director to help managed service providers offer managed services.
• Multitenant unit management-Landlords that own large commercial properties can offer 24-hour centralized networking and monitoring services for their SMB tenants.

Cisco Discovery Protocol-based network discovery and complete topology

• Discovers entire SMB network starting from a seed device
• Rich graphical display of topology spans multiple customer locations, displaying the total network with unified topologies and interconnections
• Displays network- and device-level fault information, device connectivity, and manageability information

Secure and reliable communication

• Uses secure and reliable Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection to communicate with Cisco Monitor Manager
• Includes configurable SSL port for improved security

Individual customer topology map

• Cisco Monitor Director displays complete network topology of each customer network
• Displays network- and device-level fault information and device connectivity and manageability information

End-of-sale and end-of-life reports

• Provides end-of-sale and end-of-life reports to predict network upgrade requirements

Real-time alerts and notifications through e-mail and pagers

• Displays real-time fault-monitoring information
• Interfaces to common trouble-ticketing applications
• Displays user-friendly performance charts and graphs
• Generates and dispatches notifications based on user-defined Threshold Crossing Alerts

Scheduled customized reports

• Generates monthly summary report to keep busy customers updated on the status of their network
• Monthly summary report provides useful information on overall network health that includes alerts summary and utilization trends of various parameters such as CPU, memory, bandwidth, and so on

Networkwide inventory collection and reporting

• Provides complete device-inventory information including card and interface details for all managed devices in the SMB network
• Provides inventory reports that can be used to keep track of devices and cards in the SMB network

Built-in troubleshooting tools

• Facilitates debugging of network issues by providing troubleshooting tools such as traceroute and ping

IP Telephony Monitoring

• Discovery, inventory, and monitoring of Cisco Unified IP telephony elements
• Provides real-time information about connectivity and registration status of Cisco Unified IP telephony elements
• Raises alerts on Cisco Unified IP telephony elements based on their service status
• Voice mailbox monitoring that keeps track of the size of the mailbox and creates alerts based on the configured threshold limits
• Monitoring of PSTN trunk and voice port utilization

Performance and interface traffic monitoring

• Collects, stores, and displays important real-time monitoring information with output options of charts and graphs
• Compares monitoring data against user-defined thresholds and generates threshold-crossing alerts to the user
• Monitors interface traffic statistics and displays interface utilization
• Monitors CPU and memory utilization for all managed devices

Configuration archive

• Facilitates backup and restore of startup configuration files
• Network users can also select the option of saving running configuration files prior to manual or periodic backup

Syslog-based alerting and reporting

• Collects and stores syslog messages from managed devices
• Generates alerts and reports of syslog messages

Device manager launch point

• Supports the launch of various Cisco device managers such as the Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager and the Cisco Router and Security Device Manager, Cisco PIX ® Device Manager, Smartports, and so on

Persistent storage of monitored data and device credentials for historical reporting with built-in database

• Uses built-in database to store inventory, performance, and syslog data
• Supports the ability to view, report, and analyze historical data

Discovery and monitoring of VPN peers

• Discovers VPN peers across SMB locations
• Monitors status and traffic parameters of VPN tunnels

Product Availability

Cisco Monitor Director 1.1 and Cisco Monitor Manager 1.1 will begin shipping on May 29, 2007. Customers can order this new product through normal Cisco sales channels as of April 9, 2007.

Ordering Information

For simplicity and ease of deployment, Cisco Monitor Manager and Cisco Monitor Director are offered as a single MSP monitoring packaged solution for VAR managed services.
The package includes a perpetual license of Cisco Monitor Director at the partner site and five one-year annual subscription license for Cisco Monitor Manager deployment at the SMB sites. The annual subscription licenses are activated only at the time of registration; thus, various SMBs can be added at different times. An integrated license management monitoring and reporting features is available on Cisco Monitor Director.
The solution is also offered without licenses for a limited time-based trial and evaluation period. License purchases following the demonstration period are required for continued use of the product, and license renewals can be purchased following the end of a one-year deployment. Please refer to the online product bulletins for further ordering details. Cisco MSP Monitoring Solution is available for purchase through regular Cisco sales and distribution channels worldwide. To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering Home Page.
To download a time-based evaluation trial version of the latest Cisco VAR MSP Solution software or purchase a one-year subscription license for use beyond the initial evaluation period, please contact your nearest Cisco partner or reseller.
Table 2 lists ordering information for Cisco VAR MSP Solution in standard deployments

Table 2. Ordering Information for Standard Deployments

Part Number



Cisco Monitor Director Combo,1 Reseller DIR Perpetual license, 5 Standard MON 1 Year licenses. Startup package for resellers who want to move to the MSP solution


Cisco Monitor Manager, Ext Standard Package, 5 MON 1 Year licenses - For scaling the startup package


Cisco Monitor Manager, Ext Standard Package, 10 MON 1 Year licenses -- For scaling the startup package


Cisco Monitor Manager, Ext Standard Package, 15 MON 1 Year licenses -- For scaling the startup package


Cisco Monitor Manager, Ext Standard Package, 25 MON 1 Year licenses -- For scaling the startup package


Upgrade from Self-Managed Standard Cisco Monitor Manager to Partner Managed Solution

Table 3 lists ordering information for Cisco VAR MSP Solution in limited deployments

Table 3. Ordering Information for Limited Deployments

Part Number



Cisco Monitor Director Combo,1 Reseller DIR Perpetual license, 5 Limited MON 1 Year licenses. Startup package for resellers who want to move to the MSP solution


Cisco Monitor Manager, Ext Limited Package, 5 MON 1 Year licenses -- For scaling the startup package


Cisco Monitor Manager, Ext Limited Package, 10 MON 1 Year licenses -- For scaling the startup package


Cisco Monitor Manager, Ext Limited Package, 15 MON 1 Year licenses -- For scaling the startup package


Cisco Monitor Manager, Ext Limited Package, 25 MON 1 Year licenses -- For scaling the startup package


Cisco Monitor Manager 1.1 MSP Limited to MSP Standard 20 Device 1 Year License


Upgrade from Self-Managed Limited Cisco Monitor Manager to Partner Managed Solution

Cisco Unified Communications Services and Support

Using the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach, Cisco and its partners offer a broad portfolio of end-to-end services to support the Cisco Unified Communications system. These services are based on proven methodologies for deploying, operating, and optimizing IP communications solutions. Initial planning and design services, for example, can help you meet aggressive deployment schedules and minimize network disruption during implementation. Operational services reduce the risk of communications downtime with expert technical support, and optimization services enhance solution performance for operational excellence. Cisco and its partners offer a system-level service and support approach that can help you create and maintain a resilient, converged network that meets your business needs.

For More Information

For more information about Cisco MSP Monitoring Solution, visit or contact your local Cisco account representative.