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CiscoWorks CiscoView 6.1.6

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Q. How does CiscoWorks CiscoView help in network management?
A. CiscoWorks CiscoView is a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)-based graphical tool that provides a real-time view of Cisco ® devices and their components' status. This helps users monitor the device configuration and performance condition for multiple devices simultaneously. Additionally, users can configure parameters in devices and their components and also perform device-specific operations as defined in the device packages.
Q. What is the chassis view of a device?
A. CiscoWorks CiscoView provides a chassis view, which is a graphical representation of the front or back panel of a device after it is selected and polled. Device components such as ports or cards are color coded for status and updated according to the polling frequency. Users can choose a component on a chassis by clicking the component.
Q. Does CiscoWorks CiscoView support devices in Device Credentials Repository (DCR) only?
A. Normally, CiscoWorks CiscoView uses DCR as the repository for devices and fetches credentials from there. But users can view any device outside of DCR by providing the device's IP address or device name and the appropriate username and password.
Q. What are the SNMP versions supported by CiscoWorks CiscoView?
A. CiscoWorks CiscoView supports SNMPv3 AuthNoPriv (default), SNMPv2, and SNMPv1. However, CiscoWorks CiscoView accords preference to SNMPv3 over other versions.
Q. Which parameters can be monitored for a device?
A. CiscoWorks CiscoView allows monitoring of interface statistics, resource utilization, and device performance. Users can view multiple categories simultaneously.
Q. What are the graphical tools supported for rendering?
A. CiscoWorks CiscoView supports x-y charts.
Q. What is Mini-RMON manager?
A. CiscoWorks CiscoView Mini-RMON Manager provides Web-enabled, real-time remote monitoring (RMON) information to users to facilitate troubleshooting and improve network availability. Used with certain devices, Mini-RMON Manager provides visibility into network issues before they become critical.
Q. Where can I find the supported devices for CiscoWorks CiscoView?
A. To find more information on downloading device packages, please visit: To get the most recent list of devices supported, please refer to the CiscoWorks CiscoView planner at:
Q. How is user administration performed in CiscoWorks CiscoView?
A. CiscoWorks CiscoView uses the user administration model provided by CiscoWorks Common Services Software and also integrates with Cisco Secure Access Control Server to use the task-based user administration model.

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