Cisco Building Broadband Service Manager

Cisco Building Broadband Service Manager 5.3

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Product Bulletin No. 3277


Cisco ® Building Broadband Service Manager (BBSM) is an Internet access gateway that helps enable simple, readily available access, multiple authentication and billing options, end-user self-provisioning of services, and Web-based configuration, management, and reporting. Cisco BBSM works with Cisco access-layer LAN and WLAN products to provide a complete solution that helps businesses to manage broadband access in enterprise, retail, healthcare, and hospitality settings. Cisco BBSM allows Internet services to be offered to customers or visitors for a fee or as a free amenity.
Table 1 lists the primary features of Cisco BBSM.

Table 1. Features Table



Customizable connect screen

Cisco BBSM directs all users to a connect screen for authentication or service signup and terms of service acceptance. A connect screen wizard simplifies customization of connect screen settings and supports branding and site-specific user interfaces.

Authentication and billing

Cisco BBSM supports multiple authentication mechanisms including access codes, proxy RADIUS, and smart clients. Supported billing and charging mechanisms include RADIUS accounting, prepay by credit card, and posting to a property management system. Cisco BBSM also maintains billing and transaction information in its database.

Walled Garden

Cisco BBSM supports free browsing (pre-authentication) of specified domains to allow access to local sites and information for informational and marketing purposes.

Transparent client support

Cisco BBSM provides transparent support for clients regardless of their network configuration. It supports static IP addresses through adaptive Network Address Translation (NAT) and home DNS server emulation. Cisco BBSM also supports clients that are configured for Web proxy use.


Remote management of the Cisco BBSM server is made possible by secure Web pages for configuration, operation, and reporting activities. Cisco BBSM allows monitoring of BBSM system services through a system summary view and registers errors and warnings to the Windows OS event log. Cisco BBSM-specific traps also support monitoring using SNMP.

Software development kit (SDK)

Cisco BBSM includes a SDK, allowing the development of custom page settings, custom access policy modules, or custom accounting and billing modules.


This product includes the Cisco BBSM Version 5.3 software on a 1 rack unit (1RU) server with the following upgraded components (from previous server):

• 3.4 GHz Pentium 4 processor, 800 MHz FSB, 2 MB cache

• 512 MB memory

• 80 GB SATA hard disk drive

• DVD combo drive


May 15, 2006


Table 2. Ordering Information for Cisco BBSM 5.3

Part Number



Cisco BBSM v5.3 preloaded appliance includes: 1RU server, BBSM v5.3 recovery CD, BBSM v5.3 Software CD Bundle (Cisco BBSM v 5.3, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft MSDE database, and Microsoft ISA Server)


Cisco BBSM v5.3 Software CD Bundle includes: Cisco BBSM v 5.3, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (U.S.), Microsoft MSDE database, and Microsoft ISA Server


CD containing the upgrade from Cisco BBSM v5.2 to BBSM v5.3


For more information about Cisco BBSM, visit or contact your local account representative.