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Cisco Application Networking Manager 3.0

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Cisco ® Application Networking Manager (ANM) software is part of the Cisco ACE Application Control Engine product family and is a critical component of any data center or cloud computing architecture that requires centralized configuration, operation, and monitoring of Cisco data center networking equipment and services. Cisco ANM provides this management capability for the Cisco ACE devices, as well as operations management for the Cisco Content Services Switch (CSS), Cisco Content Switching Module (CSM), Cisco Content Switching Module with SSL (CSM-S), and Cisco ACE Global Site Selector (GSS).
Cisco ANM 3.0 simplifies and speeds the provisioning of Cisco ACE Modules and Cisco ACE appliances through the introduction of a new Guided Setup feature along with workflow enhancements to a number of configuration tasks. It also dramatically increases operator visibility into the health, utilization, and performance of managed devices though the introduction of monitoring dashboards coupled with real-time and historic reporting. To further bolster centralized management of Cisco ACE devices, Cisco ANM 3.0 has enhanced SSL certificate and key expiry monitoring for all managed Cisco ACE devices as well as added centralized backup and restoration of configurations and checkpoints for Cisco ACE Module A2.3(0).

New Features

New features include:

Homepage: Cisco ANM 3.0 introduces a new default homepage presented at login as a launching point to selected areas within Cisco ANM. The homepage includes quick access to a series of operational tasks, monitoring functions, Guided Setup tasks, configuration functions, critical alarms and events, and quick links to the associated user documentation. By default, the Cisco ANM homepage is the first page that appears upon user login, though it can be changed for subsequent logins to guide users to their most commonly used tasks upon login.

Cisco ANM Guided Setup: To simplify the deployment and configuration of Cisco ACE device supported applications, the new Guided Setup feature presents GUI guidance and networking diagrams. The Guided Setup sequences give the user a logical and comprehensive workflow, enabling the user to rapidly complete provisioning of new systems, contexts, and applications.

User interface enhancements: Improved ease of use, clarity, and functions for commonly performed tasks such as those for configuring VLAN interfaces and primary attributes. To help the user troubleshoot device configurations, Cisco ANM 3.0 has added a Details button that displays the status of the configuration along with a pop-up window that allows users to perform a side-by-side comparison of status information from two consecutive polls, such as before and after a configuration change is performed, eliminating the need to collect this data from two separate pages. With ANM 3.0, the operational status from Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) polling is now presented alongside the configuration data for Cisco ACE VLANs, virtual servers, real servers, and server farms.

Monitoring dashboards: Cisco ANM 3.0 offers significantly enhanced monitoring capabilities, providing up-to-date information on the health and state of all devices, virtual contexts, and applications managed by Cisco ANM through real-time monitoring dashboards. These dashboards enable operations staff to see the most useful information at a glance, to quickly and easily perform more in-depth analysis and to speed troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Monitoring graphs: Cisco ANM 3.0 stores historical data for a selected list of statistics calculated over the last 1-hour, 2-hour, 4-hour, 8-hour, 24-hour, or month interval. Operators can view this historical data in statistical graphs with up to four objects overlaid for comparison on a single graph. Graphed data can be exported to JPEG picture file or Microsoft Excel file format for archival or other purposes.

Support for Cisco ACE Module A2(3.0) features: Configuration and management is provided for the new features introduced in Cisco ACE Module A2(3.0), including SSL HTTP header insertion, secondary IP addresses, fail action reassign across VLANs, redirect upon SSL session setup failure, and sample SSL certificate and key pair.

Support for Cisco ACE Module A2(3.0) instrumentation: Cisco ANM 3.0 takes full advantage of the enhanced instrumentation in its monitoring dashboards and graphs.

Secure, centralized Cisco ACE backup and restore for Cisco ACE Module A2(3.0): You can back up or restore the configuration and dependencies of one or more entire Cisco ACE Modules or of particular virtual contexts.

Upgrade Paths

Cisco ANM 3.0 supports upgrades on the same server from all versions of Cisco ANM 2.0. Customers upgrading from Cisco ANM 1.1 and 1.2 versions must first upgrade to ANM 2.0 before migrating to Cisco ANM 3.0.
Customers upgrading from Cisco ANM 2.0 running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 must upgrade to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (base server) Update 2 (5.2) or Update 3 (5.3) 32-bit Server Edition (Linux 2.6 kernel), following the instructions provided in the Installation Guide for Cisco Application Networking Manager 3.0.
All existing Cisco ANM customers are eligible for upgrade without charge to Cisco ANM 3.0. Customers with Cisco ANM 1.2 and 2.0 licenses can reuse their current Cisco ANM licenses when upgrading to Cisco ANM 3.0 on the same server platform. Customers wanting to rehost their Cisco ANM on a different server platform should contact Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) or Global Licensing Operations as usual for information about rehosting their existing licenses.

Ordering Information

Cisco ANM is licensed based on the number and type of devices to be managed, and where applicable, the number of additional virtual contexts licensed per Cisco ACE device. Cisco ANM must always be ordered for production use, including the base Cisco ANM server software and high-availability (HA) server software. Additional licensing beyond the base Cisco ANM server software may be required depending on the number of devices to be managed and whether any Cisco ACE devices with additional virtual context licenses are installed (even if they are not yet being used). Cisco GSS support is included in the Cisco ANM server software and does not require separate licensing. Table 1 lists the licenses available for ordering.
Cisco ANM is available for purchase through regular Cisco sales and distribution channels worldwide. To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering homepage. To download software, visit the Cisco Software Center.

Table 1. Ordering Information


Part Number

ANM Server Software


ANM License For 5 ACE Devices


ANM License For 10 ACE Devices


ANM License For 20 ACE Devices


ANM License For 50 ACE Devices


ANM License For 20 VC On One ACE Device


ANM License For 50 VC On One ACE Device


ANM License For 100 VC On One ACE Device


ANM License For 250 VC On One ACE Device


ANM License For 10 CSS, CSM, or CSM-S Devices


ANM License For 40 CSS, CSM, or CSM-S Devices


Upgrade ANM License-AV-020 To AV-050


Upgrade ANM License-AV-050 To AV-100


Upgrade ANM License-AV-100 To AV-250


ANM HA Server Software


ANM HA License For 5 ACE Devices


ANM HA License For 10 ACE Devices


ANM HA License For 20 ACE Devices


ANM HA License For 50 ACE Devices


ANM HA License For 20 VC On One ACE Device


ANM HA License For 50 VC On One ACE Device


ANM HA License For 100 VC On One ACE Device


ANM HA License For 250 VC On One ACE Device


ANM HA License For 10 CSS, CSM, or CSM-S Devices


ANM HA License For 40 CSS, CSM, or CSM-S Devices


Upgrade ANM HA License-AV-020 To AV-050


Upgrade ANM HA License-AV-050 To AV-100


Upgrade ANM HA License-AV-100 To AV-250


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For More Information

For more information about Cisco ANM, visit or contact your local account representative.