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Cisco Application-Oriented Networking: Announcing Cisco AON Software Release 3.0

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Cisco® is pleased to announce the Cisco AON 3.0 software release for its Application-Oriented Networking (AON) technology. Cisco AON is an intelligent message-routing system that comprises a new category of network-embedded products and solutions that mark the convergence of intelligent networks with applications based on highly distributed, service-oriented, and traditional architectures. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. Cisco AON Product Offerings

Branch Office

Enhanced Network Module for Cisco 2800/3700/3800 Routers

Single-core 1 GHz Intel 373 Celeron-M CPU, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB hard disk drive

CADE-1010 Integrated Single-Core Appliance

Single-core Intel D352 3.2 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, 250 GB hard disk drive

Enterprise Data Center

CADE-2142 Integrated Dual Quad-Core Appliance

2 Quad-Core Intel E5320 1.86 GHz CPUs. Up to 4 GB RAM; 2x147 GB hard disk drive

Cisco AON Product Portfolio

Cisco AON 3.0 marks another significant milestone in the product roadmap, introducing several key new features while continuing to offer higher performance and deliver enhanced usability and manageability. Table 1 below lists the new features in AON 3.0.

Table 1. New Features in AON 3.0



WSDL and WS-Policy import and PEP generator

Ability to import WSDL and WS-Policy documents from a file-system, or from a given HTTP URL (only clear text, not HTTPS) into the ADS and, based on this, have the ADS generate a PEP with the necessary bladelets (such as Sign, Encrypt, Send, Branch, and so on) that are required to invoke the chosen service from the WSDL and enforce the policies within the WS-Policy documents.

Create SOAP Message bladelet for callout requests

This new bladelet is similar to the existing Create Message bladelet, except that it is completely geared towards allowing the user to configure outgoing SOAP calls. The bladelet can be dragged and dropped onto the PEP when the user wishes to call out to an external Web Service. The user would then be prompted to specify a WSDL (a file system or an HTTP URL).

SAML 2.0 support

AON accepts both SAML 1.0 as well as SAML 2.0 tokens in its Identify, Verify Identity, and Authorize bladelets.

SOAP request classification and prioritization

Message type definitions now allow classification to be based on SOAP headers and body tokens like WSS username token, WSS X.509 certificate token, and WSS SAML token.

Context- and content-based routing enhancements

Enhancements to content-based routing based on sender identification in HTTP or SOAP headers, HTTP header elements (HEAD, and so on), HTTP and SOAP header information (values), SOAP header, HTTP header, source IP/port number, and context-based routing based on day, date, time.

SSL support added to BEA JMS Adapter

Processing of WebLogic JMS messages over SSL is now possible. This will guarantee message security. Both one-way SSL and two-way SSL are implemented. In one-way SSL, only the server is authenticated by the client, while for two-way SSL both client and server side authentication will be used.

HTTP pipelining support

As per HTTP 1.1 spec (RFC-2616), support is now provided for pipelining of incoming HTTP requests on persistent connections, where responses need to be sent in the same order in which the requests were received.

Data streaming support

Today, embedded adapters conform to a programming model and a set of APIs defined in the adapter SDK in order to interact correctly with the AON system. The data streaming model enhances the existing interaction to support streaming of data in discrete chunk sizes.

Syslog extended to NOTICE and DEBUG

Added support for redirecting AON logs to syslog for DEBUG and NOTICE level messages.

Multiport support on appliance

Changes have been made to enable the use of the third network interface on AON appliances.

Message order preservation

Messages may need to be delivered at the outbound in the same sequence as they were received at the inbound. A new combination of Unreliable/Ordered delivery semantics was added.

SNMP MIB metrics

A comprehensive set of SNMP MIB metrics were added as part of this release.

Notification bladelet

A new bladelet that allows the user to send a custom notification by e-mail or SNMP trap.

Microsoft SQL Server support for Log bladelet

Ability to select Microsoft SQL Server database while creating a Message Log policy in AMC has been added.

System-tunable parameters

A new policy that allows the administrator to modify system-tunable parameters such as number of threads and so on has been added.

Cisco AON Form Factors

Cisco AON Release 3.0 is available on the following three Cisco form factors-one that integrates into existing Cisco routers and two standalone appliance form factors:

• Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) 2800/3700/3800 series AON Enhanced Network Module, primarily deployed at branch offices

• Cisco CADE-1010 AON Appliance, primarily at branch offices

• Cisco CADE-2142 AON Appliance for data center and network-gateway applications

Table 2 outlines Cisco AON hardware and software compatibility.

Table 2. Cisco AON Hardware and Software Compatibility Matrix

Compatibility Matrix

Cisco 2800/3800 Series Routers

Cisco AON CADE 1010 Appliance

Cisco AON CADE 2142 Appliance

Hardware models supported

Cisco 2811, 2821, 2851, 3745, 3825, 3845

Cisco AON CADE 1010 Appliance

Cisco AON CADE 2142 Appliance

Cisco IOS® Software supported

Cisco IOS 12.4(9)T CCO on 6/19/06



Cisco AON software supported

Cisco AON Software 3.0 for Cisco 2800/3700/3800 Series routers

Cisco AON Software 3.0 for AON CADE-1010

Cisco AON Software 3.0 for AON CADE-2142


Customers in Europe and in the United States who want to purchase Cisco AON modules can place an order by calling a Cisco customer service representative starting April 2, 2008.

Ordering Information

Table 3 lists ordering information for Cisco AON modules.

Table 3. Ordering Information for Cisco AON Modules


Part Number


Enhanced Network Module for Cisco 2800/3700/
3800 series routers


Cisco 2800/3700/3800 Series Application-Oriented Networking Enhanced Network Module (spare)


Cisco AON Software 3.0 for Cisco 2800/3700/3800 Series AON Enhanced Network Module

Cisco AON CADE 1010 Appliance

• CADE-1010-K9

Cisco ADE 1010 Application-Oriented Networking Appliance


Cisco AON Software 3.0 Platform for SMB

Cisco AON CADE 2142 Appliance

• CADE-2142-K9

Cisco ADE 2142 Application-Oriented Networking Appliance


Cisco AON Software 3.0 Platform for Enterprise

For More Information

For more information about Cisco AON modules, visit or contact your local Cisco account representative.