Cisco ACE GSS 4400 Series Global Site Selector Appliances

Cisco Global Site Selector Software Release 4.1

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Cisco® Global Site Selector (GSS) Software Release 4.1 enriches the administrative view of end users, data center resources, and globally delivered applications on Cisco GSS with support for geolocation services and IPv6 addressing. Available as an upgrade on the existing Cisco GSS 4492R hardware platform, Cisco GSS Software Release 4.1 enables the data center to scale for the cloud by supporting thousands of individual applications in a mesh cluster with up to 16 Cisco GSS devices.


Table 1 summarizes the main benefits of upgrading existing Cisco GSS 4492R devices to Cisco GSS Software Release 4.1.

Table 1. Main Benefits of Cisco GSS Software Release 4.1



Geolocation-based global server load balancing (GSLB)

Direct the end user based on geographical preference. Define a policy to direct a user to the geographically closest application or a preferred geographical location. Create a policy that filters users from a user-defined geographical region and directs them to a fixed destination. Geolocation is enabled through a license

AAAA record support

Respond to user DNS requests for AAAA records in addition to A records

IPv6 addressing

Enable IPv6 addressing on the appliance interface to receive traffic from IPv6 clients. Define IPv6 answers on the appliance to enable health checks and site checks on IPv6 or dual-stack resources in a data center. Use IPv6 addressing on platforms and tools to enable end-to-end IPv6 deployment in the data center. IPv6 support does not require a license

Cisco standard GUI

Use enhanced GUI to manage the Cisco GSS 4492R appliance. Cisco's standard GUI provides a consistent look and feel across Cisco products

Extreme scalability

Enable configuration of a cloud-scale data center on a single Cisco GSS with support for 8000 virtual IP addresses and 4000 domains

Centralized management (Cisco Application Networking Manager [ANM]) support

Use the Cisco application delivery infrastructure's central management station, Cisco ANM, to monitor the status of applications and sites. Enable and disable the availability of an application centrally using Cisco ANM

HTTPS keepalive

Perform secure health checks of web servers using the HTTPS keepalive

GUI logging

Facilitate compliance with security policy by logging all administrative activity on the GUI by login name

Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC) ready

Forward DNSSEC requests to a DNSSEC-ready server with a one-line configuration. DNSSEC deployment will not break an existing Cisco GSS configuration

Individual directory number (IDN) support

Use non-ASCII URLs for domain names and members of domain lists. Receive DNS queries on the IDN name

Ordering Information

Table 2 provides ordering information for Cisco GSS Software Release 4.1.

Table 2. Cisco GSS Software Release 4.1 Ordering Information

Part Number



Standalone appliance to enable global delivery of applications in a datacenter


Release 4.1 software for GSS-4492R-K9


Geographic Proximity based GSLB (Requires GSS SW 4.1 or higher)


DDoS Mitigation Software (Requires GSS SW 2.0(2) or higher)


Electronic delivery of GSS Release 4.1

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