Cisco TelePresence System Scholar

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Share and Access Your Remote Teaching Resources

Connect with sources around the world to bring a new way of learning into the classroom. The flexible, modular Cisco TelePresence System Scholar gives instructors full control of digital sources and connects to remote sites at the touch of a button.

Cisco TelePresence System Scholar was designed specifically for classroom use. It helps educators to:

  • Share resources among schools to increase teaching time
  • Control the system easily and instantly with an instructor-friendly 10.4-inch color touch panel screen
  • Share presentations and multimedia in a smooth, unbroken classroom experience
  • Use the ceiling-mounted AudioScience microphone to help ensure clear communication during video calls

Use the rear and front student carts and cameras to communicate naturally with students in the classroom or students who are remote. An optional podium provides additional storage.

Explore Cisco TelePresence

Explore Cisco TelePresence

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