Cisco TelePresence System Intern MXP

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Portable, Self-Contained Telepresence Solution

The Cisco TelePresence System Intern MXP provides interactive video communication that you can move to wherever it's needed. It is ideal for applications such as healthcare, emergency response, homeland security, and manufacturing.

The Intern MXP comes with a 24-inch LCD display and is powered by the Cisco TelePresence Edge MXP communication system and Cisco TelePresence.

The compact IV-stand unit includes a shelf and a basket that make it easy to connect a laptop, medical imaging equipment, and other peripherals.

With the Intern MXP, you can:

  • Join up to four video and three audio sites with embedded multisite functionality
  • Share records or images live through a one-step PC plug-in (PC Presenter) or LAN connection (PC Soft Presenter)
  • View records or images and an offsite expert or audience simultaneously with H.239 Dual Stream
  • Take advantage of Expressway technology for firewall traversal

Performance features include:

  • Choice of network: Up to 512 kbps ISDN or external network (H.320) / 2 Mbps IP (H.323 or SIP)
  • Superior video quality incorporating the H.264 standard
  • Standards-based embedded encryption to meet HIPAA compliance for patient confidentiality regardless of network type
  • Tested and listed to UL 2601-1 and CSA 601.1 regulatory standards for approval in patient contact environments
  • PC card slot for wireless LAN connection
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