Cisco TelePresence System Educator MXP

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An Award-Winning Distance Education Solution

If your room includes monitors, carts, and peripherals, the Cisco TelePresence System Educator MXP is an ideal solution that can integrate with your existing configuration

Instructors can use the intuitive 12-inch color video touch panel to control video calls and multiple peripherals such as cameras, PCs, and DVDs. The Cisco TelePresence Educator MXP includes:

  • Applications Module MXP that includes the Cisco TelePresence System Codec 6000 MXP, NPP software, and a controller
  • High bandwidth: up to 4 Mbps on IP, 4 Mbps on SIP, 2 Mbps on H.320, and 6 Mbps total with MultiSite functionality
  • An industry-leading wide-angle camera with extensive zoom, pan, and tilt

Multiple options are available, including instructor podiums, locator mats, and a variety of microphone products.

Cisco TelePresence System Educator MXP features:

  • Simultaneous views of presentations and presenters with optional DuoVideo or H.239 on single or dual monitors
  • Expressway technology
  • Superior video quality incorporating the H.264 standard
  • True CD-quality audio
  • Standards-based embedded encryption (AES and DES
  • Automatic downspeeding and IPLR

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