Cisco TelePresence System 3010

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Cisco TelePresence 3010 - Cisco TelePresence Systems 3010 and 3210

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Meet Face To Face Without Moving Place To Place

To deliver an immersive collaborative environment with an in person experience, the Cisco TelePresence System 3010 allows 6 people to connect with up to 48 locations.

The Cisco TelePresence System 3010 is ideal for customer engagements with small or large groups, supply-chain optimizations, press and media briefings, or regular team meetings.

The Cisco TelePresence System 3010 system includes:

  • Three 65-inch plasma screens and a specially designed physical table that seats 6 participants on each side of the virtual table
  • Additional LCD display for sharing rich media content and other data using simple auto-collaborate functionality
  • Integrated cameras, lights, microphones, and speakers that optimize the experience and use less power than a Cisco TelePresence System 3000
  • Seamless integration with all Cisco TelePresence products and solutions to lower total cost of ownership, increase return on investment, and ease deployment
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Cisco TelePresence Systems 3010 and 3210 (Video - 2:56 min) Video
Collaborate more efficiently, reduce energy consumption, and accelerate decision-making with a lower total cost of ownership.

Note: The Cisco TelePresence System 3010 and 3210 are not available in the European Union.

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