Cisco IP SoftPhone

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Cisco IP Softphone is a Windows-based application for the PC. Used as a stand-alone end station or in conjunction with the Cisco IP Phone, it provides the following features:

  • Mobility- With Cisco IP Softphone running on a laptop you can take your extension with you and receive calls wherever you are connected to the corporate network. Even dial-up connections while on the road can now be used to check voicemail and place calls while online.
  • Directory Integration- Integration with LDAP3 directories allows you to quickly place or transfer calls by looking up people by name or email address. Corporate and public directories as well as a personal address book are supported.
  • User Interface- Cisco IP SoftPhone's intuitive user interface and context sensitive controls replace the overwhelming, non-intuitive buttons and archaic keystroke combinations of legacy phones. Extensive use of drag and drop allows you to quickly place calls using VCards, directory entries and text fields from most Windows programs.
  • Virtual Conference Room- With Cisco IP SoftPhone setting up conference calls is quick and intuitive. Participants can be invited by dragging and dropping directory entries onto the SoftPhone's user interface to create a virtual conference room. Once a voice conference is established you can share applications running on your desktop with all participants by selecting them from a list or dragging associated documents onto the virtual conference room.

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