Cisco VPN Solution Center

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Dedicated IP Virtual Private Networks (IP VPNs) enable service providers to lay the foundation for delivering differentiated New World services such as packet telephony, videoconferencing, e-commerce, and application hosting that business customers demand today. For a complete service offering however, service providers must be able to quickly and effectively plan, provision, operate, and bill for the VPN-based services they offer. Cisco® VPN Solutions Center is a carrier-class network and service management solution for rapid and cost-effective management of IP VPN services.
Cisco VPN Solutions Center (VPNSC) provides robust and flexible management capabilities for service providers who offer Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS)-based services, IP Security (IPsec)-based IP VPN services or both. Based on a flexible object model architecture Cisco VPNSC manages all VPN-enabled Cisco-based platforms in MPLS and IPsec network environments.

Cisco VPNSC enables rapid deployment and fast time to market for new IP VPN services. Fast time to market enables service providers to gain a competitive advantage and speed revenue generation for increased profitability. At the same time, Cisco VPNSC simplifies management of complex carrier-class IP VPN services by automating service and network provisioning. Features that improve ease of use, free network administrators for other tasks, and enable IP VPN services to scale easily reduce costs and enhance a provider’s competitive advantage.

Key new features for VPNSC 2.0 are:

  • IPsec VPN Support
  • Template IPv4 Provision Management like QoS, NAT, TE
  • Consolidated VPN Management for IOS firewall, IPsec VPN and routing
  • Multiple transport gateway server
  • Improved auditing
  • Journaling of database

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