Cisco VFrame Data Center

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A New Way to Deliver Service Orchestration

Cisco VFrame 1.2 provides advanced policy-based provisioning capabilities for configuring a broad range of X86 server platforms with VMware (ESX) images. These policies can be based on simple use cases such as server failures, or more complex use such as load balancing X86 servers across multiple ESX clusters. These policies are also fully coordinated with VMware's VirtualCenter management platform through a bi-directional API with VMware.

Cisco VFrame Data Center 1.2 provides:

  • SAN-based remote boot support for the VMware ESX Hypervisor layer
  • Automated, rapid, and consistent provisioning of the physical SAN, LAN and network service configurations for ESX environments
  • Consistent, repeatable results achieved in a policy-compliant manner

Cisco VFrame Data Center is a network-driven service orchestration solution that enables the coordinated provisioning and reuse of physical and virtualized computing, storage, and network resources from shared pools.

The industry's first service-orchestration solution to use the network to help ensure that applications are dynamically supported throughout the infrastructure, Cisco VFrame Data Center achieves cross-technology orchestration, helping you progress toward a service-oriented infrastructure.

Cisco VFrame Data Center provides a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Operational cost savings: Lowers costs by making provisioning and changing of infrastructure configurations more efficient
  • Faster and simpler service provisioning: Speeds up new application provisioning, as well as application reconfiguration, and scaling
  • Robust virtualization scale-out: Helps ensure that production applications can be deployed or migrated across virtualized infrastructures without sacrificing security, reliability, or performance.

Cisco VFrame Data Center Components:

  • Data Center Appliance: Central controller that connects to Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks
  • Data Center GUI: Java-based client that accesses application running on VFrame Data Center Appliance
  • Web Services Interface and Software Development Kit: Programmable interface that allows scripting of actions for Cisco VFrame Data Center
  • Host Agent: Provides server heartbeat, capacity utilization metrics, shutdown, and other capabilities
  • Macros: Open interface that allows administrators to create custom provisioning actions

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