Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler

Improve Efficiency with Workload Automation

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler simplifies enterprise-wide job scheduling and automates the way business processes are defined, managed and delivered. This workload automation solution manages diverse business processes across a broad set of applications and systems, including Big Data environments. It lowers the cost of data, while improving efficiency and throughput.

Video Data Sheet

Video Data Sheet

Learn about features and benefits of Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. (4:35 min)

New Version Improves Flexibility

New Version Improves Flexibility

Cisco TES Version 6.1 includes a Hadoop adaptor, an iPhone app, and more.

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Optimizes Workload Management

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler provides a single view and point of control over business processes and the jobs that comprise them. This enterprise-class workload automation solution offers:

  • Deep application and database integrations
  • A high degree of scalability
  • Dependency - based accuracy
  • Superior resource management capabilities

This holistic approach optimizes workload management and reduces the risks of human error and the inefficiencies of managing multiple tools. In that way, it increases the value IT delivers to the business. Data center managers can proactively:

  • Improve service-level quality
  • Reallocate resources to business-critical projects
  • Supply the accurate data processing necessary for strategic decision-making

The Cisco scheduler optimizes workloads on Cisco Nexus high-performance switches and Cisco Unified Communication System (UCS) servers and in Cisco high-performance data processing environments. It meets the business and operational requirements of evolving data centers. Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler is the industry standard that transparently automates critical, interdependent job streams. It delivers a high-degree of proven job scheduling efficiency, scalability, and breadth of coverage.

Helps to Enable Data Center Evolution

To meet evolving needs, the scheduler offers Big Data management, along with cloud, mobile, and self-service capabilities. It provides these benefits.

Big Data Coverage

The scheduler delivers unprecedented efficiency for Big Data processes. It easily connects leading enterprise applications, data feeds, data warehouse, data integration, business intelligence, and business analytics with Big Data workloads. Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler plays an important role in the Cisco Unified Data Center Ecosystem for Big Data.

Mobile Workload Management

Data Center administrators can now control jobs and manage Cisco scheduler environments with an iPhone. This increases staffing flexibility and speeds SLA throughput.

Amazon Cloud Resource Management

Integrate and manage Amazon Cloud Services environments with existing workload environments. Schedule additional workload processing and storage for business processing environments when needed.

Self-Service Scheduling Portal

Deliver customized access and functionality to support business end users more efficiently. The portal segregates and simplifies job management tasks, lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) of managing the business processing environment.

Helps Customers Improve Efficiency and ROI

Customers consistently cite the scheduler's broad coverage, ease-of-use, and dependency-based accuracy as attributes that improve IT efficiency. Used as the standard in data centers all over the world, this workload automation software:

  • Can be deployed quickly
  • Contributes to overall data center efficiency and rapid return on investment (ROI)
  • Improves IT's ability to focus resources on high value, strategic initiatives
Control Big Data Management Costs

Control Big Data Management Costs

Find out how to manage Big Data Management efficiently.

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Evaluation Guide with Checklist

Evaluation Guide with Checklist

Learn the steps to assessing job scheduling solutions.

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>Electronic Arts Accelerates Business Intelligence

Electronic Arts Accelerates Business Intelligence

See how the scheduler supports business growth.

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