Cisco TelePresence Readiness Assessment Manager

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Automate Network Preparation for TelePresence

Cisco TelePresence Readiness Assessment Manager has entered End-of-Sale (EOS) and End-of-Life (EOL) period. Please refer to the EOS/EOL product bulletin for more information.

Cisco TelePresence Readiness Assessment Manager is built to assess the network prior to the deployment of TelePresence systems in the network. Network assessment prior to the deployment of TelePresence systems helps detect common problems and can enable optimal user experience, which leads to higher customer satisfaction. This product can also be used for periodic reassessments when expanding TelePresence networks, or for model upgrades.

Cisco TelePresence Readiness Assessment Manager offers a number of key features, including:

  • Automated network path discovery: Discovers the network elements on the paths between proposed TelePresence sites, or rooms
  • Automated best practice compliance analysis: Determines the network device configuration compliance with the best practice recommendations
  • Switch and line-card recommendations: Determines and flags the noncompliance of line cards in the network path
  • End-of-service (EOS) /end-of-life (EOL) detection: Determines and flags the EOS/EOL status of the devices in the network path
  • Resource utilization baseline determination: Determines resource utilization for the devices on the network path in order to detect capacity bottlenecks

Cisco TelePresence Readiness Assessment Manager also provides traffic simulation and analysis capabilities to help you assess traffic among strategically deployable software agents and calculate quality metrics. This capability also determines and flags the network paths where quality metrics violate TelePresence traffic quality recommendations.

It also delivers:

  • Comprehensive reports: Generates comprehensive executive and detailed reports, which contain assessment results and recommendations. Report data is presented using charts, graphs, and text in Microsoft Word format; assessors can modify reports to include expert comments and recommendations.
  • Northbound interfaces: Sends workflow status information by e-mail or pager to subscribers. This helps assessors quickly return to the system and perform the next step in the workflow.
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